The Best Ways To Secure Your Remote Desktop Software

Introduction to Remote Desktop Connection

Some companies allow their employees to work from home or from a distant location. The employees can access network resources through remote desktop connection software. This also introduces a lot of security threats to your company’s network.

In this article, you’ll know the benefits of making remote desktop sessions. You’ll learn about various ways to secure your remote desktop software. You’ll also learn some pro tips along the way in securing your remote connections. The operating system that is applicable throughout this article is Windows.

What Are The Benefits You Get From Remote Desktop Sessions?

A remote desktop app or software allows you to use a remote computer’s resources from anywhere in the world. There are a lot of reasons why you do this. You might want to work from home because you’re not feeling well. You might also be troubleshooting someone’s remote PC because they can’t do it themselves.

A lot of reasons you can think of but how about the benefits. We’ll list some of the benefits that you get when doing a remote desktop session below:

  • The first benefit, of course, is to work outside away from the office. Nobody wants to work forever in the confinement of an office. The convenience you get from doing work outside of an office is like having a vacation.
  • You save a lot of money when you provide remote desktop access to your network resources. You don’t have to buy that much hardware and software because people will be using their own devices.
  • Another benefit you get from using remote desktop software is data centralization. People can access all the data in one place. They don’t need to install other software as well.
  • If people can access your network’s resources in one place, then it’s also easy to manage. You save money from hardware and software maintenance. You can troubleshoot problems with no effort at all as everything is in one place.
  • You can control and observe the devices on your network through remote administration. This is very convenient on the part of your IT personnel or technical support staff.

These are some of the benefits you get from using remote desktop software.

Best Ways To Secure Your Remote Desktop Software

If there are benefits to be proud of, there are also threats to defend from. There are a lot of advances in technology. Cybercriminals also improve their tactics. You must secure connections from both ends.

Here are the best ways on how you can secure your remote desktop software:

1. Always update your program or application. You can either do this by yourself or let your operating system do the patching. A patch consists of bug fixes and software upgrades. Make it a habit to keep your remote desktop software up to date.

2. Remote desktop software runs on both client and server. There’s always an authentication process to verify each identity to the other. Using a strong password for authentication is a must. It should at least be eight characters long. Your password must consist of letters, numbers, and special characters. Limit the number of incorrect passwords when authenticating. This is to avoid brute force attacks from cracking your passwords.

3. Your Windows and router firewall should first allow remote desktop connections. A firewall protects your remote desktop software from various threats. It filters web traffic for any suspicious activity.

4. Create a limitation on the number of people who can use remote desktop software. Focus on giving access to technical support staff and field technicians. They need immediate access to network resources. As for the other employees, they should remain in the office. Limit the number of administrator accounts that use remote desktop connections. Too many admin accounts is a sign that an attacker is trying to compromise your network.

5. Imagine being able to troubleshoot your client’s computer from a distant place. It’s like being there and fixing the problem yourself. This scenario also presents a threat. What if someone takes over your remote desktop session? Make sure that you have strong encryption in place. A Virtual Private Network or VPN Access will help you in this scenario. This will create a secure tunnel on your existing network.


Using remote desktop software is very convenient both for employers and employees. It has several applications in real life. Protecting your remote desktop software from threats is very important.

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Why Remote Desktop Access Solutions in Demand?

Why Are Remote Desktop Access Solutions Becoming Popular

In today’s business environment, it’s common for companies to allow employees to do remote work. Many companies allow employees to have a flexible work schedule and work-from-anywhere status. On top of that, many businesses outsource their divisions to partner countries to increase global market value and to maximize earnings and efficiency. The changing business landscape and work environment is the reason why many companies are looking for remote desktop access solutions

What Is Remote Desktop Access Solutions?

Remote desktop access solutions, or remote access, is a business solution that allows employees to access a network or computer remotely. With remote desktop access solutions in place, employees don’t need to be physically present in their work stations to do their daily work.

Remote access solutions help global teams collaborate during critical workdays and increases work efficiency in the workflow even when divisions are in different countries. And to safeguard the company’s network from cyberattacks, many remote access solutions contain cybersecurity tools that allow employees to securely use the network from a remote location.

Why Are Remote Desktop Access Solutions in Demand?

Though remote access and remote desktops access solutions have been around for a long time, the demand is higher now than it was before. There are two major reasons for the surge in demand:

Global expansion and partnerships  Globalization changed the way businesses work. Many large businesses are now investing in the global market and are outsourcing their business processes. Despite this change in the business landscape, the main branch still needs to have a bit of control on the process done by its global partners. And the best way to do this is by using Remote desktop access solutions.

Remote desktop access solutions also allow the main branch to provide timely support for their offshore branches in to avoid any workflow backlog. This makes remote access an indispensable tool for businesses with global partners.

Changing workplace environment  In the past, employees were required to come to the office to work since it’s only within the office that they can access the company network safely. But because of the development in technology, remote access has become safe and remote access has become very easy to setup.Without the traditional barriers to remote access, younger talents now prefer jobs that allow flexibility. As companies begin to hire younger talents, they need to remain competitive by cultivating a culture of flexibility and remote work environment. With this change, remote desktop access solutions are in high demand.

What Countries Will Have High Demand for Remote Desktop Access Solutions?

Demand for remote desktop access solutions is going up globally. But as companies outsource more of their business process to partner countries, some areas would adopt remote access solutions faster than others.According to market analysis, Asia Pacific is expected to adopt remote desktop access solutions faster because of the growing employee strength in Asia Pacific countries. In Europe, the wide-spread adoption of technology and the development of advanced infrastructure will be the main drivers of demand for remote desktop access solutions.

Features of Good Remote Desktop Access Solutions

As businesses and technology develop further, the demand for good remote desktop access solutions grow. Here are some features of good remote software:
1. Easy setup and deployment  Due to the fast-paced business environment today, good remote desktop access solutions must be easy to set up and deploy. Having an easy-to-setup remote access platform can help keep businesses running without having to halt operations.
2. Can be automated – Many parts of the business process require automation, so a good remote access tool needs to have automation capabilities as well, like automatic patching. This will allow easier and faster workflow.
3. One-platform solution  It’s important for businesses to see the entire production flow. This means managers must be able to monitor and instruct their members without any hassle. A good remote access tool should be capable of providing this through a one-platform solution.
4. Secure  Cybersecurity is a big issue nowadays, that’s why many businesses are scared to use remote access software as this could compromise their cybersecurity. Good remote desktop access solutions have security in mind and will have advanced security tools like VPN  access and optimized network control.
5. Easy to track activities When companies use remote access, it becomes difficult to track activities in the network. This is a cybersecurity risk since it will also be hard to track malicious activities. A good remote access tool will provide fast and efficient tracking capabilities to users.


With the changing business environment and the surge of new technology, remote desktop access solutions will soon be an essential part of any business. Businesses will need to start adopting a remote access environment to keep up with the growing market demands.

Luckily, ITarian has a reliable remote access tool that has all the wonderful features of good remote software. Businesses looking for a remote access software should try out ITarian now!

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Secure Your Network With Effective Remote Desktop Access Solutions

Ways to Secure Remote Access?

Remote access is one of the most beneficial tools in today’s interconnected world. It’s a technology that allows users to access their computing devices from afar. However, as more and more users are starting to use remote access, modern hackers and cybercriminals are also shifting their focus on the said technology. This is the main reason why companies and enterprises need to do whatever it takes to secure their networks against the threats that come with the utilization of remote access.

In today’s guide, we’ll show you a few practical ways to secure remote access.

What Is Remote Access?

Remote access is a technology that enables users to connect to their computing devices from a distant spot. Once the connection is established, the users can now access and control their computers as if they were sitting right in front of them. This will allow them to perform a few computing tasks even from a remote location. With remote access, they can access apps, send files, troubleshoot issues, and manage software updates as if they were connected to their computers directly.

Nowadays, many industries are starting to depend on remote access. IT organizations and professionals use this technology to provide off-site support to clients. This means that they can fix their clients technical issues without needing to leave their physical and office desks. Businesses can also benefit from using remote access. With the help of this tool, they can promote a work culture where everyone can stay connected to important office functions even outside of a central work location.

Why Secure Remote Access?

Remote access, as previously mentioned, has become one of the main targets of online hacking and theft. As hackers and online perpetrators get smarter, businesses that use remote access need to be more cautious than ever. The introduction of malware like remote access trojan or RAT is enough reason for businesses to secure remote access. If you’re having a hard time securing this technology for your business, check out these tips and tricks on how to secure remote access.

Limit User Access – You can’t just let every single person in your company access your network from afar. Same with your office resources, not all files and documents should be accessed outside of your corporate network. With that said, limit the number of people who can access your network outside of a central work location. This will help you lessen your chances of being attacked by malicious hackers and online perpetrators. You also need to protect the most confidential files of your company from being remotely accessed outside of your office premises.

Secure Endpoint Devices – When your employees are connecting to your network outside of the office, there’s a big chance that they are using their personal endpoint devices. The problem with this is that not all of your employees devices are secure enough to access your network remotely. With that said, you need to make sure that all of your employees are following the right security standards before they can connect to your network remotely. As much as possible, ask them to install anti-malware software that can combat security threats and risks.

Create Strong Passwords – One of the best ways to secure remote access is to create strong passwords. By doing so, it will be harder for hackers to access their network remotely. You can also try to use two-factor authentication in order to add another layer of security for your private system. In creating strong passwords, always keep in mind to mix numbers, letters, and special characters. You also want to make them unique and unconventional in order for hackers to have a hard time decoding them.

Invest in Secure Remote Access Tools – The best way to secure remote access is to invest in tools and solutions that can protect your network from all sorts of threats and risks. Choose the one that has the ability to encrypt remote sessions between the local and remote devices. Also, you want to make sure that the remote access tool you’re keeping an eye on should be able to authorize and authenticate all access attempts. This will ensure that no hackers and force their way into your network.

Conclusion -h2

Remote access, if implemented the right way, can bring so many benefits and advantages to your business. Do not let the risks and threats that come with the utilization of this technology affect and disrupt the security of your private system. Instead, follow these simple tips and tricks in order to make the most out of remote access.

ITarian’s remote access and management solution takes the security of your network seriously and allows automatic patching. Through automatic patching, ITarian scans your applications for missing patches and automatically downloads missing patches to improve your system’s security against hackers.

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