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In remote desktop connection, there are things where we think we could not live or do certain tasks until certain products or services are invented to prove otherwise. Remote access is one of those products. This technology will make you believe that accessing one's computer is possible even if you aren't physically in front of it.

Remote Access has become an invaluable tool dedicated to maximizing business efficiency and productivity. That's why more and more businesses are starting to add this technology to their organization's systems and functions. However, finding the best Remote Connection provider can be pretty challenging. That's why in today's article, we'll show you why Itarian Remote Access is the best Remote Connection provider out there!

What is Remote Desktop Connection (RDC man)?

Remote Desktop Connection is a technology that allows users to use any remote computer virtually from another computer. Usually, remote access can be achieved if both of the devices use the same network, or are connected to the internet. Once the connection is established, the users can now use the remote desktop connection as if they are sitting in front of it.

From there, they can have unrestricted control over the mouse, keyboard, or entire computer. They can also the screen of the device they've connected to. Furthermore, they can perform the tasks a person who is physically in front of the computer can. They can manage apps, run programs, and even fix and troubleshoot issues.

To provide a clearer picture of what windows remote desktop is, imagine yourself trying to beat a deadline for a specific key project. You can't do all the work at your office but you need to use your office computer to finish the given task. With remote access, you can still work on your office computer even from the comforts of your own home without taking your office computer with you.

Why Does Remote Desktop Connection Need?

Itarian Remote Access is one of the newest yet one of the most efficient windows remote desktop providers out there. Not only does it come but it serves a myriad of people and industries that need a remote desktop connections manager in their work functions.

  1. IT professionals - Itarian Remote Access provides windows remote desktops to IT organizations that serve a wide range of clients not only on a local level but on a global scale, too. This software enables IT to help pros fix any IT-related issues from all parts of the world, making their work more accessible and available.
  2. Customer support representatives - Instead of just talking to their clients on the phone, Itarian Remote Access allows customer support reps to take their service to a whole different level. With this software, they can access their clients' computers remotely, walking them through the entire tech process. This lessens the number of misunderstandings between the reps and the clients since live virtual interaction is available.
  3. Managed Service Providers or MSPs - Itarian Remote Access helps Managed Service Providers or MSPs to solve clients' problems immediately. With the help of the remote connection it provides, MSPs can be sure to manage these issues anywhere at any time.
  4. Personal use - Even if you're just an ordinary device user, the remote connection can still be a relevant technology to your everyday functions. If you use multiple devices at the same time or if you support your loved ones' devices remotely, then you might want to consider acquiring Itarian Remote Access. After all, it's for so you won't lose anything.

Best Features of Remote Access by Itarian

  1. Organized interface - Itarian Remote Access gives you the most natural and easy-to-use remote desktop connection experience you can have. Since it has a simple yet organized interface, it allows you to connect to a remote device with ease and comfort. It also prevents you from getting lost in a heap of tools that aren't easy to use and understand.
  2. Secure Remote Access System - The good thing about Itarian Remote Access is that even if it does come it doesn't compromise your own device's security. This software offers extremely b video encryption by default via Secure RTP protocol. Simply put, it prevents any unwanted third-party recordings of confidential and sensitive interactions between you and your client.
  3. View - This tool allows you to change the display size of the remote desktop connection. You can choose from any of the options below (as cited on Itarian's website) :
    • Best Fit - "Automatically adjusts the screen resolution for the best visual experience."
    • Scaled - "Displays the target desktop with the resolution of the admin computer."
    • Original - "Displays the target desktop at its resolution."
    • Full screen - "Displays the remote desktop in full-screen view."

  4. Standard technologies and protocols- Itarian Remote Access uses industry standard technologies and protocols to eliminate the need to configure your firewall settings first. This feature allows you to connect to a device with ease and comfort.
  5. Auto update - Itarian Remote Access ensures that you're always up to date with its latest features.

If you're considering adding remote access to your organization's functions, then Itarian Remote Access can for sure, help. We ensure to offer you quality Windows Remote Desktop Connection to maximize your business' efficiency. If you want to know more about the product, or just remote access in general, then give us a ring, or subscribe to our email so you won't miss out on all of our updates.


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