Why ITarian Remote Access?

Work Remotely : Bring your company together!

Aim for bigger profits by easing the access to files and folders round the clock from any corner of the world.

Predictions state that around 65% of the employees will regularly work from home by 2023.

Efficiency will double as workers spend their timing working on tasks and completing data entry instantly, rather than returning to their workplace at the end of the day.

Why Remote Access?

  • Saves employers costs on travel and office space
  • Get up-to-date access to details of the company’s products, services and inventory
  • Branch offices can be in contact with head office
  • Generate more sales
  • Reporting and collating of information can be quicker

Benefits Of ITarian Remote Access

  • Control devices connected to the network remotely
  • Troubleshoot issues faster
  • Access files located on devices or servers connected to the network
  • Define accessibility rights to files for different categories of users
  • Get faster access to files for a more efficient business response

Secure Remote Access

Ensures uninterrupted business operations and enhanced productivity

Business Requirements

Tailored to facilitate the organization’s reasonable business requirements

Low Maintenance Cost

The Software is 100% Free

24 /7 Technical Support

Committed to your complete satisfaction, representatives are available 24/7 to assist you!

ITarian Remote Access Features

Auto-adjusting views – Get the best quality connection automatically.

Shortcut Keys – Keeps you fast and efficient.

Multiple Monitors – Simply view every screen on the remote endpoint with no configuration required.

Real-time Latency Stats – Get details about connection strength

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Instant Remote Access
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Why are Companies Hiring More Remote Workers?

Remote Work is On the Rise: Reasons Why You Should Consider It

  • Companies are more likely to attract skilled workers.
  • Plan a smaller budget for snacks in the break room, phone and internet bills, birthday cakes, etc.
  • Curtail the costs on desks, chairs, office supplies needed to run a business.
  • Extra money is used for team-building activities like corporate retreats.
  • Get candidates with the perfect skills and experience even though they live in different parts of the world.
  • Company does not have to pay for the relocation of its employees.
  • Flexible work reduces attrition in the workforce.
  • Gain more productivity from the workforce.
  • Companies that offer remote working are in touch with their employees’ requirements.

Benefits of Remote Working

  • To work as you travel, all that you need is a good internet connection.
  • You can purchase an office setup that is comfortable to sit at all day.
  • No need to waste time commuting in a high stress environment.
  • Eliminate the distractions and discomfort of a traditional job so you can focus on enhancing your productivity.
  • No need to worry about another employee trying to occupy your space in the office.
  • Employees will be able to save more on their salaries.
  • You can change up your office setting as often as you want.
  • You can work at the coffee shop, beach, or from home.
  • Employees who are given the opportunity to work flexibly prove the success of their remote working arrangement by delivering excellent quality and working longer hours.

  • Remote Access Technology
  • Access a computer or a network remotely via a network connection.
  • Organizations can flexibility hire the best talent regardless of location.
  • Users can access the systems they need when they are not physically able to connect directly.
  • Technical support professionals use remote access to connect to a user’s computer from remote locations to help them solve issues with their software or systems.
  • VPN connection is a popular method used for providing remote access.
  • Remote access VPNs are used to connect individual users to private networks.Conclusion
  • A remote work policy can dramatically enhance your company culture.
  • Staff are more productive as work-from-home employees work full-shift (or even more) as opposed to those leaving early or arriving late to the office.
  • VPN technology enables remote users to securely log into corporate applications and other resources.

Instant Remote Access
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Things to Look for in a Remote Support Software

Most IT professionals nowadays use remote support software to provide technical service and maintenance to their clients. While the demand for this technology has seen a significant increase in the past couple of years, many IT professionals are still practicing the standard model of on-the-spot visits.

While there’s nothing wrong with providing the traditional on-site support to clients, it can be both impractical and inefficient. That’s why investing in tools like remote support software can help you simplify your work functions and maximize your efficiency.

With a wide selection of remote support software online, finding the one that suits your needs and wants can be pretty challenging. Some claims and promises don’t necessarily answer your questions, and can add up to your confusion and uncertainty. To help you find the best one for your business, we’ve come up with a list of things to consider in selecting remote support software.

Remote Support Software

Remote support software is a type of program that enables IT help pros to remotely connect their computers to their client’s computing machines. In essence, it allows them to perform certain computing tasks even from an off-site location. This means that they can perform a wide range of tasks on a client’s computer even without their physical presence. They can manage apps, install updates, and even troubleshoot technical issues.

One of the primary goals of remote support software is to help IT technicians identify, test, and solve their clients’ technical issues from a physically separate location. Often times, this technology only works when the client’s computer and the technician’s device have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for the IT help pro to connect his device to his client’s computer via a remote connection.

IT technicians can reap a lot of benefits from using remote support software. With this, IT help pros can just work on their clients’ issues without needing to leave their office stations. This means that they no longer need to travel from places to places as they can just provide support and maintenance from a remote location. In the end, it helps them save big on time and effort, allowing them to provide immediate support and maintenance. They can also save big on money as they don’t need to spend extra money on travel-related expenses.

It also provides IT technicians with a more friendly work environment. This means that they can work from anywhere outside of their central work locations. They can resolve issues from home, coffee shops, libraries, and even public parks. With remote support software, they can still address technical issues while traveling or on-leave. It helps them stay productive at work even outside of working hours.

Things to Consider in a Remote Support Software

Compatibility – There’s no point in getting a remote support software when it’s only compatible with a limited number of operating systems. Choose the one that is going to allow you to connect to major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. In reality, not all of your clients will be using the same devices and operating systems. That’s why it’s important to look after this feature, otherwise, you won’t be able to provide technical support and maintenance to all of your clients.

Unattended Support – It is important for remote support software to have an unattended support feature. This means that you can still work on your client’s device even if they are not physically in front of it. This feature is crucial especially if the issue you are working on requires 24/7 maintenance and surveillance. In reality, your clients won’t be able to sit in front of their computers at all times. That’s why having the ability to provide unattended support is a must for every remote support software.

Security – Choose the remote support software that uses encryption technologies. These can help you protect any remote sessions from being leaked and exposed. Also, choose the one that is going to require users to provide the necessary login credentials before they can connect to remote endpoints. This will ensure that all access made on a remote endpoint is well authorized and authenticated.


Remote support software can help you simplify your work functions. It can also help you provide immediate support and maintenance to your client’s technical issues. That’s why investing in the right one is necessary and important. Before you pick the best remote support software for your business, consider these buying factors first to help you narrow down your searches.

Instant Remote Access
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Risks of Using Remote Access

Remote access is a growing trend for businesses. It’s a tool used to allow a more flexible work culture, enabling employees to stay productive at work 27/7. As much as it can be helpful at times, remote access can cause a security havoc in your system as well. The sad reality with this technology is that it’s slowly becoming a target prey for modern hackers and online perpetrators. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the security risks of using remote access technology.

What is Remote Access?

Remote access is a technology that allows users to access another computer remotely. Via a remote connection, the user can remotely connect to an endpoint machine as if he was sitting right in front of it. From there, he can perform several computing tasks a local user can. He can access files, use apps, troubleshoot technical issues, and even control the remote computer on his own.

Businesses that use remote access find that it helps with the overall productivity of their employees. With the help of this technology, it’s possible for them to work on specific business requirements even outside of a central work location. Those who are traveling, on leave, or simply can’t be at their office can still accomplish their daily work routines using remote access. Undoubtedly, this technology can be a great business ally especially in an era where the dynamics of business are moving at a faster rate.

IT professionals who serve a myriad of people across the globe can use remote access for their own benefit. Instead of providing the traditional on-site visit to clients, IT help pros can simply work on their clients’ technical issues without leaving their physical office desks. This allows them to save on time, money, and effort, and eliminate the need to travel from places to places.

The Dangers of Using Remote Access

Beyond its benefits and advantages, remote access can sadly, bring some level of security concerns to your business. If not implemented correctly, it can lead into a potential security incident where certain confidential files and information can be exposed and acquired. Here are the risks of using remote access:

1. Endpoint Devices – Companies that allow employees to work from home can be subjecting their networks to unwanted and malicious attacks. Employees who use their personal devices to connect to a corporate network can exploit their company’s own security system. The thing with this kind of practice is that your employees’ endpoint devices have their fair share of security flaws and complications. Some of them may be infected with malware and other viruses that can harm your own network’s security.

If these devices can connect to your network remotely, your corporate network is more likely to get infected by the same threats, too. That’s why it is important for businesses to require their employees to get their devices checked regularly. As much as possible, require them to install anti-malware software that can protect their devices from such malicious threats. In that way, your employees can safely connect to your network from anywhere at any time.

2. Poor Login Credentials – Most businesses nowadays only settle with simple ID numbers and passcodes. Having poor login credentials can be the first step to exploiting the vulnerabilities of your private system. Some companies even use easy and decodable passwords that don’t add up to their system’s security and protection. It’s just a sad reality that a simple passcode can be the cause of a major security incident to your own private corporate network.

What businesses can do is to use two-factor authentication to really strengthen their own remote access credentials. By implementing one, hackers will have a hard time breaking into your system as two identification codes are needed to successfully access your network. You can also create unique passwords to really ensure that your remote access codes aren’t hackable and decodable.

3. Poor Policies and Protocols – Remote access can only be harmful when certain policies and protocols aren’t implemented effectively. It is important for companies to know that remote access should only be used when needed. As much as possible, only those who need to use it must be allowed to connect to your corporate network outside of your central work location. Even for system administrators, all access must be disabled temporarily if the said technology isn’t being used to monitor and assess a bunch of office endpoint machines.

Remote access policies should also be reviewed regularly. Assign a specific team of security experts to come up with a list of protocols that will be implemented right away. See to it that this list of policies will be reviewed regularly to check for certain opportunities and loopholes. This way, your policies and protocols are strong enough to secure your company’s remote access technology.

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Industries and Business Trends that Demand Remote Access Software

Now that the landscape of business is moving at the speed of light, the demand for remote access software is also growing. Companies and organizations are starting to view remote access software as a key business tool that can help them maximize their own efficiency. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the top industries and business trends that demand for effective remote access software.

What is Remote Access Software?

Remote access software is a type of program that establishes a remote connection between two endpoint machines in different geographical settings. Simply put, a user who uses remote access software can connect his local device to another even from a remote location. One of the primary aims of remote access software is to allow users to accomplish certain computing tasks even without their physical presence. With this, users don’t need to be where the target computer is in order to access and control it.

Remote access software needs to be downloaded on both the local and remote servers. It also requires users to provide the necessary login requirements in order for them to successfully connect to remote endpoints. In order for remote access software to work, a stable internet connection must need to be established first.

Industries That Depend on Remote Access Software

As stated above, remote access software is often viewed as a tactical tool that meets business requirements effectively. Since time and pace matter in today’s landscape of business, providing immediate solutions to business demands and requests is necessary. Otherwise, a slow operation can help you lose key business opportunities, and negatively affect your business’ success in the long run. Here are the top industries that depend on remote access software:

Modern Businesses – Some businesses depend on remote access software. This technology allows their employees to stay connected to business functions from anywhere at any time. Whether they are traveling, on-leave, or simply enjoying a quick vacation trip, remote access software helps them access their important office files and documents should they receive a business demand from a key client.

Team leaders and managers can also use remote access software to conduct remote meetings, conferences, and presentations. In-house IT teams can also use remote access software to assess a bunch of corporate devices remotely. Service help desks can also utilize remote access software to provide technical support and service by accessing their clients’ remote devices instead of just talking to them over the phone.

IT Organizations – The ability to provide off-site support to clients is one of the main perks of using remote access software. That’s why more and more IT professionals are starting to use this technology for their own benefit and good. With remote access software, the traditional on-site visit can be eliminated, allowing IT help pros to provide technical support to clients without needing to leave their work stations. Managed service providers (MSPs) can also use remote access software to monitor, assess, and maintain a bunch of remote endpoint devices and networks.

Business Trends that Demand Remote Access Software

Remote Work – To many, the future landscape of business relies on remote working. While it’s still too early to say such a claim, there’s no denying that more and more companies are starting to employ remote workers. Businesses can benefit a lot from remote workers, especially when it comes to reducing cost spendings and expanding talent acquisition. That’s why the demand for remote access software is seeing a significant increase in the last years or so.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Aside from remote working, employers are also starting to allow their workers to use their personal devices at work. While the BYOD culture poses several security issues and complications, it offers a handful of benefits and advantages to businesses. Remote workers and regular employees who need to connect to their corporate networks remotely can use their personal devices with the help of remote access software.


In a networking world where everyone is moving at a faster rate, modern industries need a tool that’s going to allow them to keep up with the demanding pace of today’s business landscape. That’s why it is no surprise that tools like remote access software are on the rise thanks to their ability to provide wider connectivity outside of a corporate network. If you wish to maximize the full potentials of your business, invest in remote access software now. You’ll be surprised by how beneficial it is for the growth of your enterprise.

Itarian Remote Access

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Why is Remote Access Important ?

In a time when everyone is on the move and locations can’t pass as an excuse for poor work productivity, remote access can be your best ally. This technology is increasingly becoming more common across industries, and it’s easy to see why. However, if you still don’t know a thing or two about remote access, then you’re just at the right place. Today, we’ll show you what remote access is and why it is important.

What is Remote Access?

Remote access is defined as the ability to access a computer, device, or a specific network from an offsite location. This can refer to employees who still have access to their office equipment such as computers and laptops even outside of office hours. Technical support organizations can also utilize remote access to connect to their clients’ devices in order to resolve any technical problems.

Even simple device users can use remote access to accomplish day-to-day functions. Those who have multiple devices can use this technology to connect them remotely all at the same time. You can also provide technical help to your loved ones who live in a different city without needing to be at their exact locations.

How Does Remote Access Work?

Although there are plenty of remote access solutions in the market right now, almost all of them work in similar ways. However, for this article, we’ll focus on remote access software only. If you’re planning to get one, you need to download and install your remote access software first on both your local computer and remote computer before connecting them to each other remotely.

Once the software is installed, you can now open it on your local computer and connect it to the device that you’re going to remote to. However, make sure that your remote computer isn’t shut off so the connection isn’t disrupted and disturbed. From there, you can now perform several tasks on the remote computer as if you’re sitting in front of it. You can run apps, manage updates, and even perform administrative tasks.

How Important Remote Access is These Days?

According to Forbes, almost 50% of the US workforce is expected to be working remotely by the year 2027. So what does this mean to modern businesses? Well, if remote working is going to be the trend in the coming years, businesses that want to make it in the long run should start embracing remote access as soon as they can. This isn’t only going to be beneficial to the employees themselves, but to companies and organizations as well.

Imagine not spending too much money on office essentials such as coffee, tables, toilet tissues and the like. If you’re a business owner, this can save you a lot of money that you can use for more important resources in the future. Also, your employees can save money too as they don’t need to spend much on travel expenses for their daily commute.

Investing in the right remote access solution for your business is relatively cheaper than maintaining a full-time office. Providing a work from home culture means reducing the costs you’ll most likely spend on office equipment such as laptops, computers, desktops etc.

You can also address business emergencies more effectively using remote access. The thing about business demands is that they don’t recognize if it’s weekend or your day-off. While we dream of having a stress-free weekend with our families and an intimate movie night with friends, there are days when our work says otherwise. That’s when we need remote access to come into play.

With remote access, you can still accomplish tasks even outside of office hours. Since you have access to your office computer and network, you can still acquire necessary files and data you need to finish any time-sensitive demands that get in your way. This ensures that work function is still running, and business opportunities are maintained.

For businesses that want to improve their attrition rate, remote access works like magic. Providing your employees the freedom to work anywhere they want to sounds like the best job to many. With this, they can maintain a work-life balance culture where they have more time to spend with themselves and their loved ones. This, in return, increases their work satisfaction rate and improves your company’s turnover rate.

Freelancers who are always on the go but still need to accomplish projects can utilize remote access for their own benefit. By investing in the right remote access solution, they can access everything on their own computer from anywhere at any time.


Remote access is a great business and work solution in today’s fast-paced environment. It’s incredible to know that with this technology, locations and business emergencies no longer impede work productivity and business opportunities from coming. Now that you know how important remote access is, it’s time for you to utilize it for your own good and benefit.

Instant Remote Access

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Why Do You Need Remote PC Access Software?

In a world where business dynamics demand fast and quick solutions to problems that arise within organizations, remote PC access software could be your best business partner. Since some business-related problems emerge in the most unforeseen circumstances, the ability to address them effectively and immediately is what makes remote PC access software a great corporate asset.

What is Remote PC Access Software?

Remote PC access software is a tool that allows a user to connect to specific devices from a remote location. Simply put, it allows the user to access the computer he or she is trying to remote to to perform a bunch of tasks a person sitting in front of it can. With remote PC access software, the user can manage apps, run programs, fix issues, and even access files located in the remote computer.

Online collaboration can also be achieved using remote PC access software. It enables file and data sharing between employees who work in a fast-paced environment. With this, team leads can perform administrative tasks to multiple participants all at the same time, as well as arranging team conferences for staffs working in different geographical settings.

What Are the Reasons for Using Remote PC Access Software?

There’s a bunch of reasons as to why many people, particularly businesses, install remote PC access software. Perhaps the most obvious reason for the installation of remote PC access software is to address unforeseen issues that demand quick and fast solutions.

Imagine receiving a business concern outside of office hours that requires you to access a file in your office desktop. Without remote PC access software, it wouldn’t be possible for you to finish the task handed to you, thus, affecting your work productivity and performance.

To save big on time and money is another leading reason as to why many people choose to use remote PC access software. Let’s say you’re a busy IT help pro that caters to a wide range of clients who live in different locations. Providing onsite visits can be tiring and exhausting, to say the least. Not only does it consume much of your energy, but it can also drain you financially. Since remote PC access software allows you to access a remote computer from your location, you’ll be able to attend to your clients’ problems without the need for an onsite support. This, in return, allows you to work on your clients’ issues faster and more efficiently as it saves you big on money and travel time.

File and data sharing is also achievable using remote PC access software. Business people who are out there presenting business proposals to key clients may find this tool helpful, and a life-saver. Instead of going back to your office to obtain an important file needed in your presentation, you can just simply access it using remote access PC software with such ease and comfort. Remember that in business, time is of essence. It can make or break a business deal depending on how fast your service is.

For businesses that want to improve their employees’ turnover rate, remote PC access software works like magic. Since it allows employees to access their corporate network from anywhere at any time, they can enjoy the luxury of working anywhere they want to. This enables them to not only have more time for themselves but for their families and friends as well. With remote PC access software, a work-life balance is achieved, making the employees feel more satisfied with their jobs.

System administrators can also exercise greater control using remote PC access software. This will allow them to control and monitor any device connected to the corporate network, thus, making it easier for them to detect who’s accountable for a specific security issue should there be one in the future. They can also have the ability to decide what information should and should not be shared with employees for confidentiality and security reasons.

Some customer service representatives also provide support using remote PC access software. Instead of just talking to their clients on the phone, they can access their own desktops remotely and walk them throughout the entire tech support process. This enables them to see where their problems exactly lie, allowing them to reduce any misunderstandings between them and the support people.


In a fast-paced environment we live in today, you need a tool that’s going to allow you to address time-sensitive issues and demands effectively. Investing in the right remote PC access software could be one way of maximizing your business efficiency and productivity. Add remote PC access software to your organization’s asset now and be surprised by how beneficial it is to your business.

Instant Remote Access

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Why Need A Remote Desktop Software

Whether you’re a part of the marketing team, administration team, IT team, or even if you are the CEO of a well-known organization, your main purpose is to be efficient at your job. However, as the demands of the market increases, most employees tend to overwork. Hence, compromising the time that should be spent with their loved ones. This is where the need for a good remote access software comes into play.

In today’s fast-paced environment where lot of things happen online, implementing a BYOD practice is indeed necessary. It allows employees to make use of their personal devices for work purposes. Employees can either use their mobile phones, their laptops, or even their tablets to do their job.

What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software is a program that allows users to remotely access a computer via another device from a different location. With remote desktop software, connecting, accessing, and controlling all files and data from a remote computer is now possible. It allows users to attend to any work responsibilities even off site.

To use a remote desktop software, a good internet connection is all that you’ll need. Once the connection has been set up, anything stored in a remote computer including files and software can be accessed as if you’re in front of the office computer. Remote desktop software can even transfer mouse movements or keyboard input to help users handle and view the needed data from the remote computer.

Why Remote Access Software Matters?

One of the major benefits of a remote desktop software is accessibility. Remote desktop software eliminates the need to physically manage the computer and access files. Remote desktop software also allows users to perform their day-to-day tasks remotely. Updating settings, attending meetings and presentations, as well as troubleshooting have never been this easy, thanks to remote desktop software.

Benefits of Using A Good Remote Desktop Software

With today’s advanced technology, hundreds of solutions to improve corporate processes are now available. One of which is a remote desktop software. To help you better understand its importance, below are four major benefits of using a good remote desktop software.

Remote desktop software improves productivity.

Regardless of the type of industry you’re in, the most important aspect of an organization is time. A good remote desktop software saves time and improves productivity. With remote desktop software, employees can enjoy the benefit of doing multiple tasks at the comfort of your home or even in different locations.

Imagine doing your job at your favorite place with your favorite coffee. Sounds interesting, right? Opting for a good remote desktop software is indeed a great investment.

Remote desktop software provides security.

Quality protection in all aspects of an organization should always be maintained. Security can make or break a company. Hence, it is best to choose a software that provides quality service and outstanding protection. One of the best things about a remote desktop software is that it doesn’t just give you the features you want, it also comes with the protection you need.

Your files and data stored in your remote computer aren’t for everyone to see. A good remote desktop also uses advanced key encryption. Thus, ensuring that information is well-protected.

Remote desktop software contributes to employee satisfaction.

Employing a good remote desktop software on employees’ personal devices is proven to be an effective factor when it comes to employee satisfaction. As most organizations adapt BYOD practice to their daily norm, the use of a remote desktop software becomes necessary. It provides employees the freedom to perform their job on their own ways. Employee satisfaction is an essential aspect on the success of an organization. Once employees are satisfied, they are likely to perform well.

Remote desktop software improves business development.

Often, business opportunities happen to arise in the most unexpected time. Investing on a good remote desktop software ensures that these opportunities will not be missed. As their devices are connected remotely on the office network, employees can close deals at home, at their favorite coffee shop, or even outside of the country


Remote desktop software changes the way most organizations carry out business processes. As organizations face an increasing demand for more efficient services, having a good remote desktop software is essential. With all the benefits this software offer, no doubt, it can contribute to the success of all organizations across the globe.

Instant Remote Access

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The Best Remote Control Software For Your Business

Remote Control Software: Introduction

Technology helps different businesses in a lot of ways. You can store your  company’s files using a cloud-based service or set up your own file server. You can also access these files from another location such as your home. A remote control software aka remote access software will meet your business needs.

But how do you know which remote control software is the best for your business? In this article, you’ll first learn what “remote access” means. You will then know the best features to look for in remote control software. Finally, you’ll know how to connect to a remote computer.
Remote Control Software: Definition Of Terms

You’ll better understand complex terms by first breaking them into smaller pieces. “Remote control software” has three words in it. We’ll define each word first, then arrive at a logical definition.

Remote – this word is synonymous with the words far and distant. It tells about a faraway location.

Control – is the ability to manage and limit access to information.

Software – is a computer application or program that fulfills a task or meets a human need.

Remote Control Software is a computer program that offers remote connectivity to people. This application helps us in making file transfers and screen sharing. Remote control software is also very applicable in troubleshooting remote desktop computers. You’ll know about the different features of remote control software in the next section.
Remote Control Software: Features Checklist

What makes a software stand out from the competition are its great features. Choosing the right product will determine the success of your business. Here are the best features to look for in a remote control software:

1. Your application should first be able to provide remote connectivity. Your app is useless if it doesn’t let people from distant places to connect to your network. It should handle remote sessions with ease.

2. Your remote control software should run on different operating systems. It’s a good thing when distant people using Mac OS or Linux can connect to your network.

3. The remote desktop connection that your application provides should be secure. It should offer solid encryption methods.

4. Your remote control software should have “unattended access” feature. This allows you to connect to the client’s computer when the owner isn’t around. This is very useful when troubleshooting remote computers.

5. Your remote control software should allow file sharing between people from different places. This is one of the primary reasons for using remote control software. Being able to upload work data anytime and anywhere is very convenient.

6. Your remote desktop software should also run on different platforms. It should run on a web browser and mobile device as well. It’s convenient if we can connect to the remote PC at work using our smartphones and the browser in it.

7. Your remote access tools should also offer a built-in chat system. This will let you communicate faster with your clients. A non-techy client needs troubleshooting help. Having a built-in chat system will result in good customer experience.

8. Your remote control software should support a multi-screen setup. Some of your clients use several monitors for their computing needs.

9. Your remote control software should have an auto-update feature. Updates are very important because it contains bug fixes, driver upgrades, among others. Updating itself is a good feature and adds a layer of security as well.

10. Video session recording is another good feature. This is very useful if you want to record a meeting with your boss or client. You can also record your troubleshooting session with the tech support guy.
Remote Control Software: How To Access A Remote Computer

You might be wondering by now how you can connect to a remote PC. There are two ways you can connect to a remote computer. You can connect using Window’s Remote Desktop Connection.


Remote Control Software: Conclusion

Providing remote connectivity to your employees has a lot of advantages. A remote control software has a lot of great features that can help improve your company’s day-to-day operations. With that said, you must consider incorporating this technology to your company’s IT environment.

Instant Remote Access

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