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How Does Cloud Computing Differ From Remote Access?

The cloud is not a replacement for remote access technology and remote access software isn’t the same thing as moving your IT environment to the cloud. … With remote desktop software, you can access a specific desktop, the files, the applications, and everything else related to that desktop from a remote location.

Features: Remote Access Vs Cloud Computing

Features of Remote Desktop Access Features of Cloud Computing
Unattended Access On-demand Self Service
Built-in Chat for Instant Support Broad Network Access
Multi-Window Control Resource Pooling
Auto Reboot and Reconnect Quick Elasticity
Two Way Desktop Sharing Measured Service

Advantages: Remote Access Vs Cloud Computing

Advantages of Remote Access Desktop Advantages of Cloud Computing
Security Economical
Flexibility Reliability
Lower Costs Manageability


Disadvantages of Remote Access Desktop Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
Internet Connectivity Network dependency
Lower Bandwidth Downtime –Network inaccessibility
Remote Desktop Service Monitoring Security Issues

How Secure it is:  Remote Access Vs Cloud Computing

How secure is Remote Desktop Access? Downtime–Network inaccessibility
The sessions through Remote Desktop is encrypted to deny suspicious hackers from viewing the session that goes to and from the network. Provides high levels of security, however it requires additional support and advice from an IT consulting firm. If not for that extra support and assistance, businesses can become an easy target of exploit to the hackers.

Instant Remote Access
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