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Maintain Business Stability with Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

Employees nowadays can be bombarded with tons of business requests outside of office hours. Those who may find themselves dealing with such unforeseen demands can’t help but wonder how’s that even possible to address. These emergencies don’t only affect your worker’s productivity but the overall efficiency of your business as well. This is where the need for a secure remote access solution comes in. With secure remote access, you can maintain business continuity under any circumstances.

What is Remote Access?

Remote access is the ability to connect to a device or a computer from a physically separate location. This technology aims to allow users to access and use a remote device to accomplish a handful of computing tasks. Users who use remote access can control, view, and administer any remote device has connected to.

Although most commonly used in the IT industry, businesses nowadays are also starting to add remote access to their own disposals. This technology allows them to increase their efficiency and employees’ work productivity. Some of the benefits remote access provides to modern organizations are as follow:

1. Addresses Business Emergencies – Employees who are on a day off or on the road can still address business emergencies using remote access. Since it allows them to work from anywhere at any time, they don’t have to be at their office desks to accomplish given tasks and demands. This ensures that business functions are still maintained and pushed through.

2. Cuts CostsRemote access can save your enterprise more money and financial spendings. With this, you can cut costs on office-related expenses you will most likely spend on. You also don’t have to pay regularly for the maintenance and preservation of your office equipment such as computers laptops, and the like.

3. Improves Attrition Rate – Allowing your employees to work off site can give them more time for their families and friends. This can help boosts both of their work satisfaction and productivity rates.

Why Secure Remote Access?

The sad reality with remote access is that it has become a target ground for modern-day hackings. As much as it can be helpful for your company’s growth, it can also compromise your own security and protection. That’s why investing in a secure remote access solution is more important than you think.

Companies that use remote access technology promotes a Bring Your Own Device or BYOD work culture among their employees. These devices that aren’t owned by the companies themselves aren’t necessarily all protected and secure. Without a secure remote access solution, they can infect and pass malware to your company’s network in an instant. Not only does it disrupt the protection of your enterprise, but it also impedes business operations from running smoothly.

Businesses also need to consider what security breaches can do for their credibility and reputation. Investing in a simple remote access solution can be a much more convenient choice. But it only takes one security issue for you to feel the impact of not investing in a secure remote access tool.

One example of major data breach using remote access happened way back in 2011. A report from Verizon Data Breach Investigations revealed that 88% of all the hackings in its data set were caused by a few remote access services. These remote access services have also opened the gates for 95% of detected malware last 2010.

What are the Things You Need to Look for in a Secure Remote Access Tool?

Finding a secure remote access tool for your business can turn into a confusing experience. That’s why you need to keep a wise head when choosing one. Listed below are some of the features you need to look for in a remote access solution:

1. Remote Access Code – Employees who need to access your corporate devices need to be required to provide a strong password or a remote access code. This ensures that all access made by employee-owned endpoints is secure and authenticated.

2. Strong Video Encryption – This feature prevents recording of confidential and sensitive interactions. With this, you can be sure that no important information is spilled and leaked.

3. Firewall Free – A secure remote access won’t allow you to configure any firewall setting first before you can establish a remote connection. This ensures that you have easy access to any corporate device from anywhere at any time.


Investing in a secure remote access solution can be one of the easiest ways for you to maximize your business? full potential. You can have wider connectivity from anywhere at any time without compromising your own company’s security and protection. Add secure remote access to your own disposal now and see your business grow from here.

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