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Benefits of a Remote Access Tool to IT Service Desks

Remote Access

It’s already taken for granted that most IT service desks will provide remote support and maintenance. So, it’s safe to say that they will need a remote access tool that can help them connect to their clients devices remotely. Unfortunately, some IT service desks are still providing support over the phone and through emails. This type of practice can be considered outdated and inefficient, to say the least. That’s why companies need to consider investing in a remote access tool for their IT service desk teams.

In this guide, we’ll show you a few compelling reasons that your IT service desk needs a remote access tool.

What Is a Remote Access Tool?

A remote access tool is a type of program that gives users the ability to connect a local device to another computer remotely. The remote access system built between the two devices allows the user to access the remote computer from an off-site location. From there, they can perform most of the same computing tasks as if they were sitting in front of it, such as accessing files, installing updates, and managing apps.

In business, employees can use a remote access tool to access their office files outside of working hours. It enables them to address business requirements and requests outside of a central work location. Similarly, IT professionals can use a remote access tool to provide off-site service to clients across the globe. This allows them to fix any technical issues remotely, with ease and convenience.

What Are the Benefits of a Remote Access Tool to IT Service Desks

  1. Decreases Cost Spendings

It’s relatively cheaper to hire an IT service desk agent than a professional IT engineer. Plus, they can still produce the same quality of work by providing service to the same problems. With a remote access tool, your IT service desk team can fix a specific technical issue as if they were providing an on-site visit to the client.

  1. Responds to Issues Instantaneously

With a remote access tool, your IT service desks agents can provide technical support right away. This means that your clients no longer need to bear the long and complicated process of installing different software and waiting for an IT engineer to step in. With this, your clients can have a more satisfying experience working with your IT service desk team.

  1. Increases Customer Satisfaction Rate

Your customers are more likely to seek your service again if their problems are addressed within minutes. By providing technical solutions using a remote access tool, it’s possible for you to attain great relationships with your clients, wherein their trust in your service constantly increases.

  1. Decreases Misunderstandings

Hearing your clients issues over the phone is one thing, but seeing the problems first hand is another. By investing in a remote access tool, your IT service desk agents can minimize the number of misunderstandings with clients over the phone. In return, it allows them to provide the best of their service with clarity and precision.

Invest in a Remote Access Tool Now!

Considering the benefits that remote access provides to your IT help desks, it’s only reasonable to make room for one in your budget. However, know that investing in a remote access software doesn’t need to come at the expense of your company’s financial capabilities.

ITarian Remote Access is a free remote access tool that allows you to connect to endpoint machines remotely. With the help of an internet connection, your IT help desks will be able to access their clients devices without needing to step out of the office. It lets them work on all files, apps, and data as if they were sitting in front of the remote computer. Here are the key features of ITarian Remote Access.

  • Secure Remote Access System. This remote access tool encrypts all remote sessions made on the local and remote devices.
  • Session Confirmation. This remote access tool requires all users to undergo a strict verification process.
  • Multi-screen. ITarian Remote Access allows you to connect to remote endpoints that have a multi-monitor setup.
  • Firewall Free. This free remote access tool uses standard technologies and protocols that allow you to connect to remote computers without any additional configuration.
  • Auto-Update. ITarian Remote Access updates you with its latest security features and updates.


If your IT help desk still isn’t equipped with a remote access tool, then you should start evaluating the benefits it can provide to your business. After all, investing in a remote access tool can be a great business ally that is worth making room for in your arsenal.

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Itarian Remote Access

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