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How does Remote Access Work?

Remote Access

Remote access refers to the ability to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance. Home users obtain access to the Internet via remote access to an Internet service provider (ISP). Dial-up connection via notebook, desktop, or handheld computer modem over regular telephone lines is a common method of remote access.

For remote access it is also possible to use a dedicated line between a computer or a remote local area network and the “central” or main corporate local area network. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a common method of remote access from branch offices as it combines dial-up with faster data rates. A remote access server could include or work with a modem pool manager so that a small group of modems can be shared with a huge number of intermittently present remote access users. A remote access server could also be used as part of a virtual private network (VPN).

How does Remote Access Work?

Features of Remote Access

Define accessibility rights to files for different categories of users
Get faster access to files for more efficient business response
Administer devices connected to the network remotely
Troubleshoot issues faster
Access files located on devices or servers connected to the network

Resources of Remote Access

Using remote control: Get all the basics you need to know about ITarian Remote Access by choosing your topic of interest and reading more about it.
Something’s not working: You can use the ITARIAN Help Desk if you have a question or an issue with any application. A ticket number will be assigned to every single support request. This will help you to track the progress and responses. You can also view a complete history of all your support requests.
 Suggest a feature: If you have an idea that you want to share, you will first have to register and then post your idea.
Security over Remote access

Remote access allows mobile workers or remote staff to access office systems and processes through the internet from remote locations. In such situations, it is essential that you efficiently manage risks to keep your remote access secure at all times. To help you obtain this security, ITarian Remote Access is available with a strong firewall that is one very important security feature.

Best Customer Service

ITarian provides you the freedom to use your money in different areas, including security, employee count etc. It provides such great expertise that solves all problems faced by your client. Your dream business can come true by getting all the assistance you need from ITarian.

Instant Remote Access
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