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Remote Desktop Alternatives

Is your business still invested in Remote Desktop? While this may seem like an inexpensive and easy-to-use remote access tool, it comes with some issues and drawbacks. The truth is that hackers and online perpetrators are getting smarter, which is why it’s never an option to settle for a tool that is incapable of protecting your system from unwanted attacks and threats. In this guide, we’ll show you better Remote Desktop alternatives for your business.

Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives

Remote Desktop is a remote access software tool designed by the operating system Microsoft. This tool was one of the earliest programs to allow its users to access their computers from afar. Aside from being easy to use and configure, it comes in all Windows-running computers for free. Remote Desktop gained wide popularity after its first successful launch. Since then, it’s become one of the most go-to remote access solutions available in the market.

One of the primary aims of Remote Desktop is to allow its users to control and use their computers within the same network. This tool, disabled by default, is easy to turn on. However, Remote Desktop is considered by many to be an ineffective remote access solution, as it is designed to work on the same network only. You will need to expose your device to the internet before you can use it to connect to outside devices and machines. While this sounds like a problem-free task, it actually is more complicated than it seems.

Exposing your device to the internet for remote access purposes is not easy to do. It requires finesse and sophistication. Aside from locating the IP address of the computer you want to remotely connect to, you also need to drive all the traffic there. In addition, exposing your device to the internet using Remote Desktop is not entirely safe. When you open your network to be accessed remotely, you also invite threats and malware lurking on the internet to enter your system.

Various Remote Desktop Connection

Luckily, there are a couple of Remote Desktop alternatives out there that are both safe and easy to use. These Remote Desktop(RDP) alternatives can provide you with a secure remote access experience. Take a look now at the most commonly used Remote Desktop alternatives:

1. Virtual Private Network

One great Remote Desktop alternative is Virtual Private Network or VPN. This technology is one of the oldest ways of establishing remote access to a private system. Although creating a VPN access takes a certain level of IT expertise, it is still one of the safest ways to establish remote access. VPNs generally encrypt all remote sessions between the local and remote devices. As such, it will be much safer for you to connect to remote devices even outside a local network. Since encryption protects your data from third-party and unwanted access, there’s little to no chance of you falling victim to outsider threats and attacks.

2. Remote Access Software

Another great Remote Desktop alternative is remote access software. This technology aims to provide its users with the ability to connect to their computers from a remote spot. It is also deemed one of the best remote access solutions out there, as it is both safe and easy to use. Since it uses solid encryption technologies, all remote sessions can be protected from unwanted attacks and threats. Also, this Remote Desktop alternative is designed to work within and outside of a local network. This means that there's no need for you to expose your device to the internet using this RDP alternative.

If you’re on the hunt for affordable remote access software, then ITarian Remote Access may be the ideal solution for you. This Remote Desktop alternative is designed to provide you with a safe and convenient remote access experience. ITarian Remote Access is known for security features such as session confirmation and encryption technologies. These tools protect your system from all kinds of unwanted attacks and threats. Also, it has its features packed in a neatly organized interface to provide you with an easy and natural remote access experience.


Investing in these Remote Desktop Software alternatives can help you maintain a safe environment using remote access. In this modern age of technology, you need to ensure that your business is safe from all kinds of attacks and threats. This will help you achieve long-term goals and success and allow your business to grow to new heights.

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