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How to Access Mac Remotely

If you have multiple Mac devices, you probably wonder how you can access another one remotely. There will come a time when you need to access your office Mac device using another one from home, or vice versa. When this happens, know that there is a bunch of easy and convenient ways on how to access a Mac remotely.

Here are them:

Easy Steps How to access Mac remotely

1. Mac Screen Sharing

One of the easiest ways to access a Mac device remotely is through Mac Screen Sharing. With this, you can access files and use apps on a remote Mac device using a different one. This tool will allow you to provide off-site technical support to anyone who's experiencing issues with their Mac device. Here are the steps on how to access Mac remotely Screen Sharing:

How to Access Mac remotely Screen Sharing Using Apple Remote Desktop

  • Step 1 - Launch the Start window by opening the Screen Sharing app.
  • Step 2 - Type in the Apple ID of the Mac device you want to remote to beside Connect to.
  • Step 3 - Wait for the remote device user to receive the request to access message.
  • Step 4 - All they have to do is accept the request message.
  • Step 5 - The remote device user can either allow you to view the screen only or control your screen remotely.

It is important to note that this can be a bit laggy at times. However, if you want a much faster response, follow these alternative steps below:

  • Step 1 - Open System Preferences on the remote Mac device.
  • Step 2 - Select Sharing
  • Step 3 - Open Screen Sharing
  • Step 4 - Press Command + Space and type Screen Sharing on your local Mac device.
  • Step 5 - Type in the phrase under the Computer Name panel of the Sharing System Preferences section. You will also likely to enter your Mac's name.

2. Back to My Mac

Another option for you to access another Mac device remotely is through the Back to My Mac tool. To set ufp and enable, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 - Open System Preferences and select iCloud.
  • Step 2 - Turn on Back to My Mac.
  • Step 3 - Go to System Preferences. Then, head on to Sharing. See if the Screen Sharing checkbox is ticked.

Once enabled, you can now use it to access another Mac device remotely. To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 - Head on to System Preferences. Then, go to iCloud.
  • Step 2 - Open the Finder window then look for the Shared menu.
  • Step 3 - Select the Mac device you want to connect to.
  • Step 4 - Click Share Screen.

3. iCloud

The third option in our list is iCloud. This Mac feature will help you access any files stored in your Mac Remote Device. Follow the steps below to use iCloud successfully:

  • Step 1 - Go to System Preferences.
  • Step 2 - Select iCloud
  • Step 3 - Beside iCloud Drive, select Options. Here, you'll see all the files you can store in your iCloud drive.
  • Step 4 - Check the box beside the Desktop & Documents Folder.
  • Step 5 - Some of your files will be stored in your Mac when the Optimise Mac Storage checkbox is ticked. However, once you run out of space, some of your files will automatically be stored in your iCloud.
  • Step 6 - Make sure that all of the files you're working on are either stored in your Apple Remote Desktop, Apple Apps, or Documents folder.

4. Third Party Software

If you want a more professional approach when it comes to accessing another Mac device remotely, then invest in a third party software. Usually, these tools will allow you to access your devices remotely in a much more secure and convenient manner.

Just like any other software, they need to be downloaded and installed on both the local and remote computers. Once installed, your local device with the right credentials can now access your remote computer from anywhere at any time. However, it is important to note that some of these tools aren't completely free of charge.

Wrap up

There are still a lot of ways on how you can access another Mac device remotely. The list stated above only provides you with some of the more practical approaches on how you can remotely access another Mac device. However, if you're looking for the most secure and effective remote access solution for Mac, then you might want to invest in a third-party software. Now that you know a few techniques on how to remotely access a Mac device, you can now enjoy wider connectivity even outside of your local network.

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