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Challenges Remote Employees Face!

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Working remotely comes with many advantages. Thanks to technology, almost everyone has the option to go mobile and work remotely. Remote employees can achieve a healthy balance between life and work. They can also avoid the struggle of commuting on a daily basis. With remote working, employees can have it all. They can stay productive at work while still being connected to the life they have outside of an office space.

However, recent studies suggest that remote employees face unique adversaries along the way. These challenges, ironically, hinder them from reaping the benefits of remote working. Here, we’ll show you some of the biggest challenges remote employees face.

Dealing with household distractions – Improved balance between life and work is one of the many advantages remote working provides to workers. It allows them to accomplish their outside-of-work activities with little to no restrictions. However, remote employees are more likely to deal with household restrictions that can result in poor work productivity.

Since there is no physical boundary between life and work, remote employees may find it hard to schedule their activities effectively. This can result in having unpredicted work hours and poor relationships between family members and work colleagues.

Keeping their security online – The problem with remote working is that employees don’t necessarily have security protocols that can keep them safe online. Unlike in a traditional office space, there are certain security policies that all employees need to comply with to ensure the protection of their identity and important company files.

Remote employees who use their personal endpoints to accomplish their daily work routines may be faced with a security incident that can steal important and confidential work data. They may also deal with malicious malware and viruses that can disrupt their security and protection.

Focusing on what’s important – Remote employees enjoy the luxury of having little to no restrictions from team managers and supervisors. This means that they have the freedom to outline their own protocols and work schedule. However, having too much freedom can lead to major work negligence.

Remote employees may find it difficult to focus on their work commitments as they have the time on their own hands. This can disrupt their work productivity which can lead to poor work performance. That’s why companies that are looking to hire remote employees need to have an assertive protocol regarding time scheduling.

Feeling shunned and left out – Remote employees may have a healthy balance between life and work, but working remotely can make you feel isolated. According to a study conducted by Igloo, 70% of remote workers feel like they are being left out. In remote working, constant communication and engagement are vital.

Some remote workers find it difficult to reach out to work colleagues especially if a conflict arises. Since communication isn’t constant, resolving issues and problems can be a bit of a challenge for some remote workers. Not only does it affect their relationship with their co-workers, but it also has a negative impact on productivity and performance.

Valuing their respective roles and jobs – Building relationships with your bosses and colleagues can strengthen your loyalty to your company. Having constant communication with them can help you value your role in the company even more. While this can be easily achieved by regular employees, for remote workers, it is a completely different story.

Remote employees who don’t build relationships with colleagues and don’t have constant communication with their peers are more likely to leave their respective jobs and look for other opportunities. That’s why companies need to value the importance of building a sense of culture among all their employees.


Having the freedom to work from anywhere sounds like a dream to most employees. After all, who doesn’t want to have the freedom to do anything they want while still being productive at work Although there’s a certain level of romance to it, remote working isn’t guaranteed for everyone.

For those who are planning to become remote employees, you need to understand that remote working needs to come with discipline and motivation. You have to be disciplined enough to avoid distractions and motivated enough to accomplish your tasks even if you are surrounded by life-work boundaries. Once you embody those two values, you are more likely to overcome these challenges, and later, reap the benefits of remote working.

Now that you know the common problems remote employees face on a constant basis, it’s time for you to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of remote working. After all, remote working, as stated earlier, is simply not for everyone.

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