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How to Setup Remote Access Windows 8

Microsoft Windows is one of the earliest operating systems that allow users to access their computers from afar. Through Windows Remote Desktop Connection, Windows users now have the ability to connect to their computing devices even from an off-site location. In today's article, we'll show you different ways of how to setup remote access Windows 8.

What Is Remote Access?

Remote access refers to the ability to connect your local device to another computer remotely. With remote access, users can access their computing devices even if they aren't sitting in front of them. This allows them to perform several computing tasks, such as app management, troubleshooting overhaul, and software installation.

Easy Quick Ways to Setup Remote Access On Windows 8

There are a couple of ways for you to set up Remote Access on Windows 8. Here they are

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is one of the most essential features of Microsoft Windows. This feature was introduced right after the launch of Windows XP. Over time, Windows RDC has become one of the most sought-after remote access solutions, especially for Windows users. The primary aim of Windows RDC is to allow users to access their computers from an off-site location.

However, this Microsoft feature is disabled by default. To turn Windows RDC back on, follow these steps accordingly:

  • Step 1 — Open the "Start" panel.
  • Step 2 — Select "Control Panel."
  • Step 3 — Click on "System and Security."
  • Step 4 — Select "Allow remote access" under "System."
  • Step 5 — In the "System Properties" panel, click on the "Remote" tab.
  • Step 6 — Select "Allow remote connections to this computer."
  • Step 7 — Click "Apply."

It's important to note, however, that Windows RDC is designed to work within the same network only. Users who need to use this feature outside of a local network may be prompted to expose their devices to the internet or create a Virtual Private Network (VPN Access).

Remote Access Software

Remote access software is a type of program that allows users to access their computers from a distant spot. Unlike Windows RDC, remote access software can be used outside of a local network. You need to establish a stable internet connection before you can use this tool to connect to your computer remotely. Just like any other software, remote access software needs to be downloaded and installed on both the local and remote devices.

Remote access software is often assumed to be one of the safest remote access solutions out there. The need for a secure remote access solution has prompted software providers to come up with remote access tools that can strongly encrypt remote sessions between local and remote devices. That's why it's not a rare thing for remote access software to use solid encryption technologies that can protect one's private network and data.

Unlike Windows RDC that comes in all Windows-running computers for certain remote access software can cost you a bit of money. In general, it will cost you $5 a month should you decide to invest in this technology. However, other remote access software are actually free. One of them is ITarian Remote Access.

ITarian Remote Access is a Remote access software that lets you connect to a remote device from a distant location. The goal of this remote access software is to allow you to perform certain computing tasks without your physical intervention. ITarian Remote Access, although relatively new, uses solid encryption technologies that can protect you from malicious attacks and outsider threats. This software is also easy to use, as it has its tools packed in a neatly organized console. To get started with ITarian Remote Access, follow these steps below:

  • Step 1 — Launch the ITarian Remote Access website.
  • Step 2 — Click "GET NOW."
  • Step 3 — Type in your email address.
  • Step 4 — Select "GET NOW."
  • Step 5 — Select "Save File."
  • Step 6 — Run the saved file from your local downloads location.
  • Step 7 — Accept the license agreement.
  • Step 8 — Click "Install."


It's important to note that these are just a few of the practical ways of how to setup remote access Windows 8. However, if you want to have a much safer remote access experience, invest in remote access software like ITarian Remote Access.

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