How to Access Remote Desktop Over the Internet?

The sole purpose of a remote desktop is to allow users to remotely access another computer from an off-site location. This technology can be useful when you need to access an office file from home or when you need to provide off-site support to a loved one or a client. In today's article, we'll show you different ways on how to access remote desktop over the internet.

What is a Remote Desktop?

A remote desktop, sometimes referred to as remote access, is a technology that provides users the ability to connect to a remote computer from a distant site. Once the connection is established, the users can now access the remote device as if they are physically present in front of it. From there, they can view the screen of the remote computer and have unrestricted control over its mouse and keyboard.

One of the main goals of a remote desktop is to eliminate the need for any physical intervention to get a task done. It is also an invaluable tool that helps businesses to maximize their efficiency. Here are some of the key benefits remote desktop provides:

Benefits of Using a Remote Desktop Over the Internet

  1. Increases Flexibility
  2. Remote desktop allows employees the ability to accomplish tasks from home or anywhere they choose. With the right resources, they can stay productive as if they are inside a corporate space. This gives your employees a much more flexible and free work culture. Remote desktop also enables them to finish tasks that can't be completed inside the office.

  3. Decreases Overhead Costs
  4. Allowing your employees to work from means allowing your business to cut costs on office infrastructures and necessities. This can help your company save more money annually. Your employees can also cut costs on travel and food-related expenses.

  5. Increases Productivity
  6. The working environment is one of the key factors that can affect your employees' productivity rate. Employees tend to be more productive and efficient when they have the freedom to do their jobs anywhere they want to. On the flip side, they can get burnout from being chained in a traditional desk office. This helps them to produce quality work outputs and stay productive and efficient at all times.

Ways on How to Access Remote Desktop Over the Internet // Remote Access

There are a couple of ways for you to access remote desktop over the internet. We'll take a look at some of these below:

      1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection In nature, Windows Remote Desktop Connection or RDC can only be used on the same network. However, you can still use Windows RDC to connect to a remote device outside of your local network. There are two ways to achieve this. We'll take a look at these solutions down below:

      • VPN Access (Virtual Private Network);
        The first option on how to access remote desktop over the internet is through a Virtual Private Network or VPN. This method will allow you to connect your local device to a remote computer as if they belong to the same network. It is also one of the safest remote access solutions out there. By establishing a VPN access, you no longer need to directly expose your device to the internet. This will allow you to protect your device from security risks and threats found on the net. However, it is important to note that this step requires some IT expertise as it is quite complicated to achieve.

      • How to Access Remote Desktop Over the Internet // Remote Access:
        Expose RDC Directly to the Internet Another option on how to access remote desktop over the internet is by exposing Windows RDC directly to the internet. You can achieve this by forwarding all Remote Desktop traffic to the remote computer. However, this option isn't necessarily as safe as the other as you are welcoming a bunch of threats found on the net. The least you can do to make everything safe is to generate a strong password for your PC.

      2. Remote Access Software

      • Remote access software is a tool that allows users to access a remote computer using a local device. It enables them to send files, access folders, and even control the entire computer itself. This software can be downloaded and installed on both the local and remote computers. You can use this tool to make remote connections over the internet.

      • The good thing about remote access software is that they are easy to use, configure, and deploy. Most of them use encryption methods so no confidential interaction between the local and remote computers is made. You can also use remote access software on a different network with such and convenience.


Knowing how to access remote desktop over the internet is quite easy to accomplish. However, if you're looking for the easiest and most secure remote desktop solution, then invest in a remote access software. This will provide you with wider connectivity outside of your network while maintaining a safe and secure environment. Now that you know how to access remote desktop over the internet, it's time for you to use this knowledge for your own benefit.


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