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Exploring Remote Computer Access

Even if you save your files to the cloud, there will come a time when you'll need to access a file on your home computer from afar. You may also find the need to access your office desktop when you're out and about. This is where remote computer access comes into play. With the help of this tool, you can effectively control your computer from an off-site location.

What Is Remote Computer Access?

Remote computer access is a type of technology that allows users to safely connect to their computer from a remote location, as if you are sitting right in front of it. Typically, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the first thing that comes to people's minds when remote computer access comes up in a discussion. However, different remote computer access solutions are starting to become more available for all kinds of uses and purposes.

What Is Remote Computer Access Software?

Remote computer access software is one of many solutions that most businesses invest in. The good thing about remote access software is that it is as safe as a VPN and as convenient as Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can safely connect to your remote computing machines. Typically, remote access software needs to be installed on both the local and remote servers. Once installed, you can easily configure it to connect to endpoint devices from anywhere.

Although a VPN can be a great remote computer access solution, using one can have its drawbacks and disadvantages. Creating one can be a pretty difficult challenge to accomplish, for example, and you may need to have a variety of IT skills. Otherwise, you may be forced to hire IT experts to create a VPN on your end. On the other hand, remote access software is easy to use, deploy, and configure. You just need a stable internet connection to effectively connect to remote endpoints.

Advantages of Using Remote Computer Access Software

1. Security

Security is rarely an issue when it comes to using remote computer access software. Since both parties (remote and local users) need to provide the correct login credentials, all access can be considered authorized and authenticated. Most remote computer access software also use encryption technologies that carefully monitor remote sessions.

2. Convenience

Unlike a VPN, remote computer access is easier to configure and use. As previously stated, you just need to download and install one in order to connect to remote endpoints. Remote computer access is also easier to maintain compared to other remote access solutions. Even non-tech savvy users can use this solution with ease and comfort.

3. Affordability

Remote computer access software is relatively cheaper compared to alternative solutions. You no longer need to invest in expensive equipment, as you can just let a hosting company maintain and monitor your remote computer access software for you.

Invest in a Remote Computer Access Software Now!

If you're looking for a remote computer access software, consider getting ITarian Remote Access. This Software is one of the simplest remote computer access solutions out there. Its tools are neatly placed in an organized console to provide you with the best visual experience.

ITarian Remote Access also protects your system and data from malicious attackers through its solid encryption technologies. These ensure that all remote sessions are kept safe from unwanted recordings and eavesdroppings.

Here are the other key benefits of using ITarian Remote Access:

1. ITarian Remote Access allows you to connect to remote endpoints that have a multi-monitor setup. This comes with the ability to change screens and adjust their size and resolution.

2. ITarian Remote Access ensures that all access requests made on your device are safe and authorized. Through a session confirmation, all access requests will undergo a rigid verification process to check if they are safe to enter your system.

3. ITarian Remote Access uses standard technologies and protocols, so no additional configuration is needed. This means you no longer need to open up your firewall setting before you can connect to remote endpoints.

4. ITarian Remote Access uses auto-update technology that keeps you updated with its latest security features and offerings.


It's a smart move to switch from a traditional VPN to an effective remote computer access software. By doing so, you'll be able to safely connect to your remote endpoints without added technical complexity.

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