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How to Create an Effective Remote Access Strategy

Remote access is an invaluable tool dedicated to maintaining business continuity and stability. Unfortunately, remote access has also become a desirable target for modern hacking and online theft. That's why businesses that want to maintain a high level of network security need to implement an effective remote access strategy.

Why Need for an Effective Remote Access Strategy?

There are many reasons as to why businesses need to create an effective remote access strategy. As stated earlier, remote access, if not implemented right, can open the gates of your company for a possible data security breach.

It's a no brainer that remote access promotes a work from home culture among employees. Often times, it also allows for a Bring Your Own Device or BYOD work environment. The problem with this is the use of your employees' endpoint devices. These equipment aren't necessarily secure and at par with your company's security standards. So it's safe to say that they are also open to viruses, malware, worms, and the whatnot. These threats can compromise your security and worse, cause your company a major security breach.

Remote Access Strategy Tips

Before you provide your employees with a chance to work using remote access, it's important to establish an effective strategy on it first. Here are a few tips on how you can create an effective remote access strategy:

1. Ensure all endpoint devices are secure

The first thing you need to consider when creating a remote access strategy is the protection of your employees' endpoint devices. Make sure that they strictly follow your company's security guidelines to guarantee that they are heavily protected from viruses, malware, and security threats. As much as possible, try to require them to have their endpoint devices checked regularly so they are free of security issues. This will prevent your network from acquiring any malicious malware from unknown devices outside of its walls.

2. Invest in a secure remote access tool - ITarian Remote Access

The next thing you need to consider when implementing a remote access strategy is the remote access tool you'll invest in. It doesn't matter if you have a solid remote access strategy implemented in your company. Without a secure remote access solution, it's not going to take effect as you would like it to.

ITarian Remote Access is one of the newest yet one of the most secure remote access solutions out there. This free third-party software provides a secure remote access experience to users from anywhere at any time. It uses standard technology protocols and strong video encryption to ensure that no unwanted recordings of sensitive interaction are made. This will prevent any confidential information from being leaked and exposed.

Some of the standout features of ITarian Remote Access are as follows:

  • Secure Remote Access
  • Session Confirmation
  • Multi-Screen
  • Firewall
  • Auto Update

3. Consider the things that need to be accessed

The third remote access strategy tip you need to consider is the set of files and information your employees are only allowed to access. Allowing your employees to have access to your corporate network remotely doesn't mean providing them the chance to view all of your corporate data and information. It's best to limit their access to sensitive files and data when they are using a different network outside of office hours. This will prevent any information from being leaked and a possible data breach from happening.

4. Limit your employees' access

There should only be a specific time and instance for your employees to access your network remotely. It shouldn't be a 24/7 privilege especially when there's no valid reason for them to do so. Those employees who need to finish a certain office task but can't be at their office physically are the only ones who need to be allowed to use remote access. Even for system administrators, allow them to access your corporate network remotely when they are only monitoring and performing administrative tasks. Otherwise, all admin access should be disabled temporarily.

5. Consider the areas of improvement for remote functions

It is important to take note of the performance issues your employees are having when using remote access. This will allow you to see the areas of improvement they need to focus on when working remotely or outside of office. Take note of these issues and factors and try to inject them to your next remote access strategy. This will ensure that all problems and issues are fixed and resolved effectively.

Remote Access Strategy – Conclusion

Overall, an effective remote access strategy is a vital tool that helps businesses boost their efficiency and drive up work productivity. It can also be an essential instrument that maintains a secure environment away from security threats and risks.

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