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The landscape of remote working has drastically changed through time. Now, almost everyone has the option to work from home or anywhere they choose to. In fact, a 2016 report from Gallup revealed that 43% of the US workforce have experienced remote working at least some time in their lives. Although this type of work culture can be beneficial at times, you still need to establish a solid remote access policy to effectively manage and monitor your remote workers.

What is Remote Access Policy?

Remote access policy is a set of rules that details the guidelines for requesting and obtaining access to a corporate network, system, and data. Simply put, it outlines the rules and policies that come with the utilization of remote access technology. Remote access policy is important for companies that hire remote workers. It provides them with the ability to manage their remote workers in terms of accessing their corporate systems and networks.

Why Implement Remote Access Policy?

Companies that grant remote access to employees should implement an effective remote access policy. The thing with remote working is that you don't know if the endpoint devices your employees are using are safe enough to access your network and system. These security flaws can ultimately enter your own system and cause a major security incident. Without a proper remote access policy on how to ensure the security of your employees' endpoint devices, you may be faced with a major security data breach.

What Should Your Remote Access Policy Look Like

If you're planning to create a remote access policy for your business, then consider these four key components. These will ensure the overall security and protection of your company in terms of using remote access. Here are them:

  1. Secure Employees' Endpoint Devices

    Make sure that your employees follow your security standards in terms of securing their personal devices. As a matter of fact, require them to regularly maintain their endpoint devices should they decide to use them to connect to your network. This will ensure that no external malware can enter your network and system.

  2. Control User Access

    The next thing you need to consider when creating your own remote access policy is limiting your employees' access to your network. The time when employees can access your network remotely should be limited and controlled. See to it that only those who aren't at the office but need to finish an office task should be allowed to use remote access. Other than that, all access to your system should be deactivated temporarily. Remember that when your network is open to being accessed 24/7, you are increasing the chance for it to be attacked by online perpetrators.

  3. Require Users to Log Out at All Times

    All employees, when done using remote access, should be required to log out of the system immediately. See to it that the people responsible for managing your remote access policy should disable any user access after 10 to 15 minutes of no response from the employees. Any remote workstation that is still open and connected to the company's network can invite numerous threats that can still important information from your own system.

  4. Use Secure Remote Access Tools

    Investing in the proper remote access tool can make a huge difference in your company's security. Make sure to use a remote access software that is both safe and effective for your business. This will provide you with protection against security threats outside of your walls and protection. At the moment, there are tons of remote access tools you can choose from in the market. You just need to keep a wise head when choosing one for your business.

    ITarian Remote Access is a Remote access software that allows your employees to access their corporate files and data from anywhere. This remote access tool uses solid encryption technologies for every single remote session made between the local and remote devices. All users must also go under strict verification through its session confirmation technology. This ensures that all access made on your corporate network is well authenticated and authorized. To download and install ITarian Remote Access, follow these steps below:

    • Launch the ITarian Remote Access website.
    • Click GET NOW.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Click GET NOW.
    • Click Save File.
    • Run the setup file on your default download location.
    • Read and accept the license agreement.
    • Click Install.
    • Select Launch.
    • Once installed, ITarian Remote Access will automatically generate an ID number and a password.


For businesses that promote remote working, it is just imperative to establish an effective remote access policy on it. This can help you prevent any security incident as you open up your company's network for wider connectivity and reach.

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