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How Can I Remotely Control Another Computer?

Today’s technological advancements have allowed us to perform certain virtual functions that in the past many could not think of. One of them is the ability to connect to computers from a distant location. Remote access has made it easy for anyone to access their computing machines even without their physical intervention. In this guide, we’ll show you a few ways on how you can remotely control another computer.

1. Remote Access Software - Remote access software is a type of software that provides users with the ability to control another computer remotely. One of the primary goals of remote access software is to allow users to access an off-site computer without their physical intervention. With the help of this technology, the user can now take over the computer by being able to control it on his own.

Just like any other software, remote access software needs to be installed on both the local and remote servers. You also need to have a stable internet connection in order for you to establish a remote connection using this technology. Once configured, the user can now safely connect to his remote endpoint from anywhere at any time even outside of a local network.

Before, big multinational organizations could only afford to add remote access software to their arsenals. Now, almost anyone, including ordinary device users, can use this technology for their day to day functions. Thanks to a bunch of free remote access software out there, it’s possible for anyone to connect to their computers from an off-site location.

2. Windows Remote Desktop Connection - Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a free remote access solution designed by Microsoft. This tool comes in all Windows-running computers for free, allowing users to connect to their devices from an off-site location. However, Windows RDC, by default, is made to work on the same network only. You may need to expose your device directly to the internet in order for you to use this tool to connect to remote endpoints outside of a local network.

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  • Released: 06/03/2019
  • Updated: 06/03/2019




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