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Can I Use Remote Desktop Over the Internet?

Windows Remote Desktop Connection or RDC is one of the simplest ways for you to access another computer remotely. Typically, Windows RDC can only be used on the same network only. However, if you’re wondering how you can use this free remote access program over the internet, then consider these solutions below:

Establishing a VPN - One way of using Windows Remote Desktop Connection or RDC over the internet is by establishing a Virtual Private Network or VPN. This will enable you to connect your local computer to another remotely as if they both belong on the same network. This option is quite safe and secure as you’re not necessarily exposing your device directly to the internet. You can avoid falling victim to a bunch of security threats and risks found on the internet. It’s also important to note that this option takes some IT expertise as it is quite complicated and technical to achieve.

Exposing Windows RDC to the Internet - Another way of accessing another computer remotely is by exposing Windows RDC directly to the internet. This option enables you to entirely skip the process of establishing a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. However, this option isn’t as secured as the first one as you’re directly exposing your device to a bunch of security threats such as worm, malware, and viruses found on the net. The least you can do to make everything a lot more secure is to come up with a very strong password for your PC.

Set Up a Single PC for Remote Desktop - If you’re planning to make one PC accessible over the internet, then this option is for you. In order to accomplish this, you need to know the IP address of the PC running Windows RDC. Then, your router needs to forward all traffic using TCP port 3389 to the PC’s IP address.

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  • Released: 03/19/2019
  • Updated: 03/25/2019




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