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How to define remote access?

It is the ability to access a computer or a network from a distant location. This technology aims to eliminate the need for the physical presence of the user when taking control of a remote PC or a network. With remote access, the user can access a remote PC as if he is physically present in front of it. He can manage apps, run programs, and troubleshoot issues.

One of the goals of remote access is to allow employees to access their corporate networks even outside of office hours. With this, they can collaborate with teams, access files, and finish tasks from anywhere at any time.

To give a clearer picture of what remote access is , let's say you need to send an important file on your office desktop but couldn't because you're having dinner with your family. With remote access, you can just access that file without needing to drive to your work office. It gets the job done a lot faster and it doesn't impede your outside-of-work activities.

Remote access also caters to a bunch of departments within an organization. Some of these are the following:

1. Managed Service Providers or MSPs

2. Customer Service Representatives

3. IT professionals

Benefits of Remote Access

Remote access has revolutionized not only the IT industry but modern businesses as well. We'll take a look at some of the benefits remote access provides to corporate organizations.

Flexible Work Culture

As stated earlier, you don't need to be at your office to get a task done. With remote access, you can work from anywhere you wish to while still being capable of meeting business requirements and beating deadlines. This is also great for workers who like to travel as they can stay productive and fulfill any job obligations.

Productive Workforce

It's quite surprising to know what lessening your employees' daily commute can do so much for their work productivity. The traffic, delayed trains, and congested buses have all an effect to their overall happiness and stress. Since remote access allows them to work from anywhere at any time, they don't have to bear the challenges that come with daily commutes. This can clear out their minds and lessen their overall stress. In the end, it translates to a happier and a more productive workforce.

Quick Response and Service

If your company has its own in-house IT department, then remote access may be a great business ally. Tech employees who work on a number of corporate devices within your company can manage and control them with such ease and convenience. With this, they can easily troubleshoot issues and provide service instantly. This, in return, keeps your business operations running smoothly.


When employees have the freedom to work remotely, companies don't have to spend that much on office essentials such as computers, furniture, coffee, and the like. Since they don't use these things on a regular basis, you also don't have to maintain them regularly. Employees can also save on travel expenses as they don't need to spend on their daily commute or fill up their tanks on a day to day basis.

Good Attrition Rate

When you're allowing your employees to have the freedom to work from anywhere, you're also increasing their work satisfaction rate. With remote access, your employees can achieve a much happier work experience that can later reduce your company's employee turnover rate.

Energy Savings

When employees work from home, they save a lot of energy from traveling and working onsite. Since they don't need to drive to their work office, they can spend less on fuel and gas expenses. Also, they don't Also, they donít need to use much of their office electricity and gas to warm up their workstations. Looking at the bigger picture, this isn't only beneficial to the employees and the businesses themselves, but to the environment as well.


With the technological advances that have happened in a networking era, employees have now the option to work from anywhere they want to‚ÄĒbe it from their house, libraries, parks, and even from coffee shops. That's why businesses that want to keep up with this new wave of work trend needs to embrace remote access technology.

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