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ITarian Remote Access: Remote Access Solution for Small Businesses

Remote Access Solution

Remote access is one of the pioneering advancements that revolutionized both the IT industry and modern enterprises. It has become a tool that helps big multinational companies collaborate with teams and communicate with colleagues across the globe.

However, it’s quite a stretch to say that small business can’t benefit from remote access. In this guide, we’ll show you the benefits remote access provides to small businesses as we introduce you to ITarian Remote Access.

ITarian Remote Access

ITarian Remote Access is a third-party software that provides an easy cloud-hosted remote access technology to users who need to establish remote connections. This software also maintains a keen focus on being affordable and free, without compromising the security of your own corporate network and devices.

ITarian Remote Access uses solid encryption methods that prevent any unwanted recordings of confidential interactions between the local and remote users. This ensures that all information is kept and concealed, mitigating the risk of losing it to a potential security breach or theft.

ITarian Remote Access also requires the local computer to provide the right login credentials before it can connect to a specific remote device. This makes sure that all remote connections made between the local and remote computers are authenticated and authorized.

This software is also very easy to use, deploy, and configure. It has its tools packed in a neatly organized console to ensure that you won’t get lost in a heap of scattered tools and panels. It also provides you with a number of customization tools so you can have the best visual experience using ITarian Remote Access.

If the target endpoint has a multi-monitor setup, ITarian Remote Access allows you to access those screens all at the same time. You can also switch monitors from time to time using the drop-down options on the top-right corner of your screen.

Benefits of ITarian Remote Access to Small Businesses

Drives Up Productivity

Business emergencies can pop up at any time without prior warnings or notifications. When this happens, employees who are no longer inside a corporate space can find it difficult to address them immediately and effectively.

ITarian Remote Access allows your workers to meet business requirements even outside of office hours. It enables them to stay productive no matter the situation is. They can access important files and use applications even from the comforts of their home or anywhere they are currently at. This enhances their work productivity and maintains business stability.

Reduces Overhead Costs

Allowing your employees to work from home using ITarian Remote Access is relatively cheaper than requiring them to work in your office on a daily basis. With this, you can cut costs on office-related expenses such as chairs, tables, infrastructures, equipment, and other office necessities.

You also don’t need to pay regularly for the maintenance of your office equipment such as computers, laptops, and the like. On the other hand, your employees can save too on travel-related expenses.


ITarian Remote Access is a great remote access option for small businesses that are looking to maximize their own efficiencies and full potentials. It may be new and small compared to its big counterparts, but it’s definitely a secure and affordable option your humble organization needs to consider getting.

If you’re interested in acquiring ITarian Remote Access, then give us a call at +1 877-422-3865 or click here!

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