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Remote Desktop Support Software

What Is Remote Desktop Support Software?

Remote desktop software is a technology that allows IT to help pros connect to remote endpoints and access them directly over an internet connection. Simply put, it enables IT technicians to access a client's computer from a remote location. Through a stable internet connection, the IT specialist can take over the remote device as if they were sitting in front of it and install updates, fix technical issues, and manage apps.

In addition, remote desktop software allows users to send files, share desktops, and even synchronize documents. This tool has truly become an invaluable tool that the modern IT industry needs. One of the primary goals of remote desktop support software is to allow IT technicians to provide off-site support to clients.

It also aims to simplify any technical work through its efficient and effective approach.

What Are the Two Categories of Remote Desktop Support?

Remote desktop support can be classified into two parts:

Attended Support. Attended support, sometimes referred to as on-demand support, is when a client needs immediate support and attention. Typically, this happens when a technical issue pops up suddenly. With attended support, the IT help pro can immediately connect to the client's device and work on its issues remotely, eliminating the need to travel to the client's location and the process of having to ask technical questions about the problem.

Unattended Support. This means that the IT specialist can still connect to a remote device even if the client isn't present. Typically, managed service providers (MSPs) and in-house IT teams use this type of support the most. With this, IT technicians can connect to remote endpoints even if their clients aren't physically in front of their devices.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Desktop Support Software?

Remote desktop support software has revolutionized the modern IT industry. That's why more and more IT organizations and specialists are starting to invest in one. Here are key benefits of remote desktop support software:

1. Immediate Solution

Most IT organizations use remote desktop support software because of its ability to provide instant support to clients. With the help of this technology, you can solve your clients' issues without needing to be where they are. You won't need to travel from place to place in order to provide technical support. In the end, it allows you to fix their issues faster.

2. Cost-Effective

IT organizations who use remote desktop software don't need to invest in cars and other vehicles in order to allow their IT specialists to provide the traditional on-site visit to clients. Freelance IT help pros can also cut costs on travel-related expenses as they can just work on their clients' issues remotely.

Invest Now in Remote Desktop Support Software

Remote desktop software can help you provide an effective and fast solution to your clients' technical issues. That's why more and more IT professionals are starting to invest in this technology. If you're looking for an effective and cost-effective remote access solution, then consider getting ITarian Remote Access.

ITarian Remote Access is a free remote desktop support software that lets you connect to endpoint machines from remote locations. One of the primary goals of this software is to eliminate the need for the physical presence of the user to get a task done. ITarian Remote Access is also safe and easy to use, providing you with a secure and convenient remote access experience. Here are the main features of ITarian Remote Access.

1. Session Confirmation

This feature ensures that all users will provide the necessary login credentials before they can connect to remote endpoints.

2. Secure Remote Access

ITarian Remote Access encrypts all remote sessions to ensure that no confidential information can be leaked or exposed.

3. Firewall Free

This feature doesn't require you to configure your firewall settings in order to connect to remote endpoints.

4. Auto-Update

ITarian Remote Access constantly updates you with its latest offerings through its auto-update technology.

5. Multi-Screen

ITarian Remote Access supports endpoint machines that have a multi-monitor setup.


To simplify your work functions, consider getting remote desktop support software. This can provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solution to respond to your clients' demands and requests.

To know more about remote desktop support software, email us at You can also click here to get ITarian Remote Access software for free.

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