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What is Remote Access Server?

A remote access server is a technology that provides remote access privileges to users that are not directly connected on a certain local area network (LAN). It acts as a central server that establishes a remote connection between users and an internal corporate network. Once the connection is established, the users can now access files and data on the computer they’re trying to remote to, from a physically separate location.

Typically, a remote access server uses a server software that provides remote connectivity between a local computer and a remote device. This software is made to impose strict authentication and authorization to any remote connection made on the remote computer. The main goal of this is to act as a defense against unwanted and malicious threats outside of an internal local area network.

One of the main benefits of a remote access server is that it provides security and protection to one’s internal local area network. It ensures that all connection made on the said network is authenticated, protecting the local network from any forced access and malicious entry. It also provides business continuity no matter the situation is. It allows employees to access files and work on specific business emergencies even outside of office hours. Managed service providers or MSPs can also easily monitor, assess, and maintain a bunch of corporate networks from their end.

IT professionals who serve a wide range of clients can use this technology to provide off-site support and maintenance. It allows them to troubleshoot issues from their own office desks without needing to be at their client’s location. With this, they can save an awful lot of time from traveling, and allows them to cut costs on fuel and other travel-related expenses. Even for simple device users, a remote access server enables them to access any important files stored in their remote computers.

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  • Released: 03/07/2019
  • Updated: 03/26/2019




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