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Is Remote Desktop Secure?

Windows Remote Desktop uses encryption methods to prevent any unwanted eavesdropping of sensitive sessions between the local and remote computers. However, it is important to note that the methods used to encrypt these confidential interactions can be vulnerable to several security attacks. These vulnerabilities can invite unwanted access to any interaction made using Windows Remote Desktop.

In fact, a report from Threatpost revealed that three healthcare organizations that used Windows Remote Desktop Connection had their databases compromised through unwanted and unauthorized access. This was primarily caused by the companies’ poor implementation of their Remote Desktop protocols. As a result, 650,000 healthcare records across Farmington, Missouri, Georgia, and Central/Midwest US were sold on the dark web.

To secure Windows Remote Desktop, consider these security tips down below:

  • Generate a strong password

  • Update your Windows RDC regularly

  • Limit user access

  • Enable Network Level Authentication

  • Use two-factor authentication or TFA

  • Limit access using firewalls

  • Implement an effective remote access policy

Remote Desktop Software

One of the best and most secure Remote Desktop alternatives is remote access software. Remote access software is a tool that provides users the ability to access another computer from a physically separate location. It enables them to access, control, and even manage a specific remote device as if they are sitting in front of it. One of the main goals of remote access software is to eliminate the need for the physical presence of a user to get a task done. With this, it’s possible to accomplish a bunch of computing tasks on a remote device even from an offsite location.

Generally, remote access software is more secure than Windows Remote Desktop as it uses solid encryption methods that prevent unwanted recordings of any confidential and sensitive interactions between the local and remote servers. It is also easier and more convenient to use as it allows you to connect to remote computing devices even outside of your own network. This means that you no longer need to expose your device directly to the internet which can be harmful for your own security and protection.

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  • Released: 03/19/2019
  • Updated: 03/25/2019




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