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How Do I Protect My Remote Desktop Connection?

Remote desktop connection, or sometimes referred to as remote access software, can be vulnerable to security threats and online attacks. As much as it can be beneficial to your business, it can also put your network’s security at risk. This comes with the growing number of people using remote desktop connection to remotely administer all Windows server systems within their local networks. Here are a few tips on how you can protect remote desktop connection.

Generate Strong Password - Generate a strong password or a remote access code on any accounts that use remote desktop connection. This can serve as your company’s first line of defense against security threats and risks found outside of your network’s walls and premises. Require those who have access to remote desktop to provide the right login credentials first before they can connect to your corporate network or devices. Your password should also be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Limit users who can log in using remote desktop - All admins should only be allowed to use remote desktop connection when they are monitoring, managing, and assessing a bunch of remote devices all at the same time. Otherwise, all access should be disabled temporarily. Employees should also use remote desktop connection only when they need to finish a certain office task but can’t be there physically.

Use two-factor authentication on highly sensitive systems - One way of strengthening the security of your remote desktop connection is through two-factor authentication or TFA. The good thing about TFA is that it provides stronger user authentication by using two different login credentials. These passwords or credentials usually consist of the user’s password and key Fob or smartcard. Since it requires two completely different login components, it will be hard for someone to force their way into your network.

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  • Released: 03/19/2019
  • Updated: 03/25/2019




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