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How Do I Open Remote Desktop on Mac?

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a remote access solution that can be used on a lot of operating systems. In this guide, we’ll show you how to open and use Remote Desktop on Mac.

  • Get the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac App Store by downloading it.

  • Allow your PC to accept remote connections.

  • The next thing you need to do is to add a remote desktop connection or a remote resource. Remote desktop connection is used when you need to directly connect to a Windows-running computer. On the other hand, you use a remote source to use a session-based desktop, a virtual desktop released on-premises using RemoteApp and Desktop Connections, or a RemoteApp program.

  • In order to create a remote connection, click + on the Connection Center windows.

  • Click Desktop.

  • Once done, you can now enter the following details:

    • Computer’s name - This can either be a Windows computer name, a domain name, or the computer’s IP address.

    • You can also enter the computer’s port information at the end of the computer’s name.

    • User Account.

  • You can also enter the following information to start a remote connection

    • Generate a friendly username.

    • Add a Gateway.

    • Swap mouse buttons.

    • Turn on the Admin Mode.

    • Deflect local folders into a remote session.

    • Further Smart Cards.

    • Forward local printers.

    • Set the sound output.

  • Once accomplished, click Save.

To add a remote source, follow these steps accordingly:

  • Click the + button on the Connection Center window.

  • Click Add Remote Resources.

  • Type in the information needed for the remote source:

    • Feed URL - This is the RD Web Access server’s URL. You can also try to type in your corporate email as an alternative solution.

    • Username - You can also try to enter the username for the RD Web Access server you’re trying to remote to.

    • Password - The password needed for the RD Web Access server you’re trying to access remotely.

  • Click Save.

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  • Released: 06/06/2019
  • Updated: 06/06/2019




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