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How Do I Access a Remote Server?

Allowing your employees to remotely access your server outside of office hours enables them to work more productively and efficiently. What’s more exciting is that remotely accessing a remote server is quite easy to accomplish. We’ll take a look at some of the easiest ways on how you can access a server or a computer remotely.

1. Remote Access - Virtual Private Network or VPN

One of the most secure ways for you to access a remote server is through a Virtual Private Network or VPN. By establishing one, you are creating a secure connection between your corporate network and your employee’s endpoint devices across the internet.

Since all of the information sent between the two parties are mixed up, it will be hard for anyone to disrupt and obstruct them. With this, your employees can use remote access technology to gain entry to their company’s server as if they are actually sitting in front of their office desks.

It’s important to note, however, that establishing one requires some high level of IT expertise. You definitely don’t want to compromise your own security since a VPN allows wider connectivity and access to your company’s server.

2. Remote Access - Third-Party Software

A third-party remote access software is a tool that allows users to connect to and access a remote server using a different network from a physically separate location. With this, they can gain entry to any files and information stored in a remote server.

A remote access software needs to be downloaded first on the local and remote computers before it can establish a remote connection between the two. Once done, it will require the user to provide the right credentials first before he can gain access to a remote device or server. From there, the user can now access and view any files stored in a remote server as if he is using the same internal network.

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  • Released: 03/07/2019
  • Updated: 03/26/2019




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