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Can Hackers Remotely Access Your Computer?

Whether we like it or not, remote access has already become a popular ground for modern hacking and online theft. This technology, although helpful at times, can bring some level of security concerns to your network and system. Hackers were able to come up with new ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of remote access, thus, allowing them to remotely access someone’s private network or device.

Recently, remote access trojan or RAT has become the main talking point among IT technicians and security experts. This type of malware allows users to access someone’s device remotely via a backdoor system. With the help of this virus, hackers are now able to record and take screenshots of the user’s activity and behavior. They can also alter important documents and download illegal files on the infected computer. It is also important to note that detecting a RAT is a difficult task to accomplish. Since it usually pretends as a legit file or document, users usually fail to recognize it as a virus until it starts to infect their devices.

Since hackers are now able to remotely access your computer, it’s best for anyone who uses remote access to come up with new security measures to ensure the safety of their device against these attacks. The first thing users need to do is to strengthen their remote access passwords. Without a strong remote access code, it will be easy for hackers to gain entry to your private system or device.

Also, make sure to download files and apps on legit sources only. All resources from suspicious and dodgy sites should not be downloaded on your computer. You can also limit the amount of information that can be accessed on your device. This will ensure that all confidential files and documents are kept private and concealed. Lastly, do not settle for a less secure remote access solution. Make sure to invest in one that can protect the confidentiality of your device.

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  • Released: 06/04/2019
  • Updated: 06/04/2019




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