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Which Protocol is Used for Remote Access?

Nowadays,  there are tons of ways for you to establish instant remote access into your system. You can either invest in a remote access software or establish a Virtual Private Network or VPN on your end. Regardless of the way you establish remote access, certain protocols need to be in place in order for it to function effectively. One of these protocols is Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP.

Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is a communications protocol designed to manage remote access to desktops, files, systems, and even private networks. This tool is used by system administrators to effectively assess, manage, and resolve technical issues their clients have. Remote Desktop Protocol can be enjoyed by both Windows and Apple macOS users.

Some of the notable features of Remote Desktop Protocol are smart card authentication, bandwidth reduction, multi-monitor setup support, encryption, and resource sharing. This remote access protocol can manage up to 64,000 channels for data transference. It also has the ability to encrypt data using 128-bit keys and to modify the data transmission rate in low-speed connections.

Here are a few services Remote Desktop Protocol supports:

  • Encrypts the user’s mouse and keyboard data.

  • Supports printer, audio, port, and file redirection.

  • Shares clipboard between the local client and the remote server.

  • Runs the remote desktop applications on the client’s devices using a remote desktop connection.

Remote Desktop Protocol is also made to provide remote access technology via port 3389. What it does is it allows remote desktop applications to package the data which will be then sent to an RDP channel by the Microsoft Communications Service. Once done, the RDP data will be encrypted so it can be transmitted effectively. Remote Desktop Protocol had its fair share of security in the past. Nevertheless, its newer versions are far more secure to use.

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  • Released: 04/17/2019
  • Updated: 04/17/2019




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