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What is Secure Remote Access?

Whether we agree or not, remote access has become a target ground for modern hacking and theft. Online perpetrators use this technology to gain access to a private network to steal important and confidential information. Businesses and organizations need to ensure that they do whatever it takes to secure their system from threats that come with the utilization of remote access. In this guide, we’ll show you what secure remote access is.

Secure remote access is a technology that allows users to safely access a private network or device remotely. Typically, secure remote access uses encryption technologies that prevent unwanted recordings of remote sessions between the local and remote users. It also authorizes and authenticates every access attempt made on a remote device or network.

ITarian Remote Access is one example of a secure remote access solution. This instant remote access software provides users with the ability to open up their networks to be accessed by other users remotely. ITarian Remote Access is also easy to use, configure, and deploy as it has its tools packed in a neatly organized console. Some of the standout features of ITarian Remote Access are the following:

Secure Remote Access System - ITarian Remote Access encrypts every remote session made between the local and remote computers. This ensures that no confidential information is leaked and introduced to hackers.

Session Confirmation - ITarian Remote Access ensures that all access made on your network or device is safe and secure. Through its session confirmation technology, all users need to undergo strict verification first before they can establish a remote connection.

Firewall Free - ITarian Remote Access doesn’t require you to open up your firewall settings first before you can connect to a remote device. Opening up your firewalls settings isn’t necessarily the safest practice as it can invite numerous threats outside of your network’s premises.

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  • Released: 04/17/2019
  • Updated: 04/17/2019




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