An Effective Remote Access Solution for Startups

Small businesses, in general, face unique challenges that make them less competitive than their bigger counterparts. This hinders them from achieving long-term goals and success, later resulting in their own failure and demise. While opportunities are more elusive to small startups, some business solutions are still available for them to maximize their full potential and efficiency. One of them is through a remote access solution.

What is a Remote Access Solution?

A remote access solution is a type of corporate solution that provides business people with the chance to access a private network outside of the office or a central work location. This solution is mostly used by big multinational companies that have offices in and out of the country. A remote access solution allows employees to communicate with employees and clients across the globe, providing them with solutions to address any business demands and requirements from anywhere at any time.

However, this business solution can also be enjoyed by small startups. You don’t need to have big offices across the country to be able to use a remote access solution. This solution can help you and your business maximize its full potential and efficiency. A remote access solution can also help with your employees overall productivity rate. Here are some of the benefits a remote access solution can provide your small startup with.

Benefits of Remote Access Solutions

Cost-effective – Investing in a remote access solution can help you save a hefty amount of money for your business. One of the perks of a remote access solution is to allow your employees to work from home or anywhere outside of the office. With this, you can save some money by not spending too much on office necessities and equipment. You also don’t need to spend money to build more office infrastructures to accommodate your employees.

Productivity – A remote access solution allows you to access important office resources even outside of working hours. This means that your employees can still work on certain business transactions even from home or anywhere outside of the office. With a remote access solution, your team can still complete their daily work functions even if something impedes them from being in a central work location. This business solution can also help your employees address business emergencies from anywhere at any time.

Flexibility – With a remote access solution, your employees can have the freedom to work from anywhere outside of a traditional corporate space. This means that they can work from anywhere as long there’s a stable internet connection established. The good thing about this is that it provides them with the ability to attend to their outside-of-work activities while still being productive at work. In return, it helps them achieve a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Invest in a Remote Access Solution Now

Investing in a remote access solution for small business  can be one of the simplest ways for you to maximize the full potential of your business. It can be an efficient business solution that helps you attain long-term goals and success for your small startup. While some remote access solutions are meant for bigger organizations, there are a few that small startups need to consider getting. One of them is ITarian Remote Access.

ITarian Remote Access is a third-party solution that provides users with the ability to access a remote endpoint from anywhere at any time. Just like any other software, this remote access solution needs the help of the internet to enable your employees to connect to your corporate network outside of the office. ITarian Remote Access comes for free, and that’s why it’s the ideal remote access solution for small businesses that are just starting to invest in one.

Although relatively new, ITarian Remote Access is both safe and easy to use. Some of the standout features of this free remote access software are as follows:

Secure Remote Access – ITarian Remote Access uses encryption technologies that protect the confidentiality of any remote session between the local and remote servers. This means that any third-party recordings can be prevented using these encryption technologies.

Session Confirmation – This remote access solution requires all users to provide the necessary login requirements first before they can connect to remote endpoints. This is to ensure that all access attempts are authorized and authenticated.

Firewall Free – ITarian Remote Access allows you to connect to remote endpoints without needing to configure your firewall settings first.


Investing in an enterprise remote access solution can help you achieve success even in the early stages of your business.It can also be a great business tool that allows you to enhance your productivity and maximize your business efficiency. If you’re considering adding remote access to your arsenal, then try getting ITarian Remote Access. This remote access solution can provide you with a safe and convenient remote access experience.

To know more about ITarian Remote Access, email us at

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Back to My Mac Remote Access is obsolete ! Here’s What You Can Do

After 12 years of operations, Apple Remote Desktop officially shut down its remote access and file transfer service Back to My Mac on all macOS versions. The shutdown was announced early in 2019 but only took effect on July 1, 2019.

Why Is Back to My Mac Significant?

Apples Back to My Mac service was introduced in 2007 as a part of its Mac OS X leopard version release. It offered an easy way for users to have remote access to their other Mac devices through the internet. It was one of the first applications that allowed convenient screen sharing and remote access on Mac devices.

Back to My Mac Features

Back to My Mac had three very powerful features which were significant to enterprises and businesses that need remote access functionality. Below were the three features of Back to My Mac:

File transfer

One of the convenient features of Back to My Mac was the ability to transfer file between two Mac devices. This means you can get any file you have in your remote Mac desktop and transfer it to your Mac laptop even if you are not at home or in the office.

This feature allowed Mac users to conveniently take data they need without having to carry a flash drive or uploading the files to the iCloud.

Remote access

Another convenient feature of Back to My Mac is remote access. With remote access, Mac users can control their remote Mac devices from anywhere. Mac users can take control of the mouse and keyboard of any mac device they have remote access authorization to.

This feature allowed users to do tasks remotely or have access to more powerful Mac devices on the go.

Screen sharing

lastly, Back to My Mac allows you to share your screen to other mac users. This Back to My Mac feature allows for easier collaboration between officemates and team members.

Back to My Mac supported and mac device with a Mac OS X Leopard version and up. Unfortunately, Apple decided not to bring Back to My Mac support for the macOS Mojave.

Apple’s Alternatives to Back to My Mac Remote Access, Screen Sharing, and File Transfer?

In a support document released by Apple, the company provides users some alternatives to the three main features of Back to My Mac:

How Do I Back Up My iphone to My Mac

  • Use remote access with Apple remote desktop service

Apple’s suggested alternative to Back to My Mac’s remote access feature is its Apple Remote Desktop app. It’s available in the apple store for $79.99.

The Apple remote desktop has similar features to Back to My Mac’s remote access.? It also allows you to gain remote access to your other Mac computers and gain control of the keyboard and mouse.

But it also has unique features like software distribution and remote administration. The most interesting feature is the ability to remotely lock screens, restart, and shutdown the controlled Mac system.

  • Back Up My Mac to cloud Drive

For file sharing, Apple Remote Desktop App recommends Mac users to use the iCloud drive as an alternative Files saved on the iCloud drive can be remotely accessed and transferred to another device conveniently. The downside, however, is that files need to be transferred to the cloud. Users don’t have remote access to the files on the Mac device.

The iCloud drive has free storage of up to 5GB. Users can choose to upgrade to get more storage space.

  • Screen share using the building screen sharing feature

Many Mac devices today have a screen sharing feature and can be used as an alternative to iPad the Back to My Mac screen sharing service. Unfortunately, the built-in screen sharing works only with other Mac devices connected within the same network and does not allow for remote screen sharing over the internet.

Other Alternatives to Back to My Mac

Though apple remote desktop app  provides for other alternatives to Back to My Mac, it tackles each feature separately and does not offer the convenience that Back to My Mac offers.

There are, of course, third-party alternatives like ITarian’s remote access and control.

With ITarian’s remote access and control, you can:

-Have remote administrative controls on devices connected to the network

-Access files on any connected device or server

-Control accessibility rights of other users in the network


With Back to My Mac now unsupported on Mac devices, users will need to find other alternatives for remote access, screen sharing, and file sharing between mac devices. Apple does provide other alternatives that users can use, but it’s too much trouble to set up each device compared to the one-stop solution that Back to My Mac offered.

Luckily, users can choose third-party apps like ITarian. It’s easy to use and has almost the same features as Back to My Mac.

Instant Remote Access
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Benefits of a Remote Access Tool to IT Service Desks

It’s already taken for granted that most IT service desks will provide remote support and maintenance. So, it’s safe to say that they will need a remote access tool that can help them connect to their clients devices remotely. Unfortunately, some IT service desks are still providing support over the phone and through emails. This type of practice can be considered outdated and inefficient, to say the least. That’s why companies need to consider investing in a remote access tool for their IT service desk teams.

In this guide, we’ll show you a few compelling reasons that your IT service desk needs a remote access tool.

What Is a Remote Access Tool?

A remote access tool is a type of program that gives users the ability to connect a local device to another computer remotely. The remote access system built between the two devices allows the user to access the remote computer from an off-site location. From there, they can perform most of the same computing tasks as if they were sitting in front of it, such as accessing files, installing updates, and managing apps.

In business, employees can use a remote access tool to access their office files outside of working hours. It enables them to address business requirements and requests outside of a central work location. Similarly, IT professionals can use a remote access tool to provide off-site service to clients across the globe. This allows them to fix any technical issues remotely, with ease and convenience.

What Are the Benefits of a Remote Access Tool to IT Service Desks

  1. Decreases Cost Spendings

It’s relatively cheaper to hire an IT service desk agent than a professional IT engineer. Plus, they can still produce the same quality of work by providing service to the same problems. With a remote access tool, your IT service desk team can fix a specific technical issue as if they were providing an on-site visit to the client.

  1. Responds to Issues Instantaneously

With a remote access tool, your IT service desks agents can provide technical support right away. This means that your clients no longer need to bear the long and complicated process of installing different software and waiting for an IT engineer to step in. With this, your clients can have a more satisfying experience working with your IT service desk team.

  1. Increases Customer Satisfaction Rate

Your customers are more likely to seek your service again if their problems are addressed within minutes. By providing technical solutions using a remote access tool, it’s possible for you to attain great relationships with your clients, wherein their trust in your service constantly increases.

  1. Decreases Misunderstandings

Hearing your clients issues over the phone is one thing, but seeing the problems first hand is another. By investing in a remote access tool, your IT service desk agents can minimize the number of misunderstandings with clients over the phone. In return, it allows them to provide the best of their service with clarity and precision.

Invest in a Remote Access Tool Now!

Considering the benefits that remote access provides to your IT help desks, it’s only reasonable to make room for one in your budget. However, know that investing in a remote access software doesn’t need to come at the expense of your company’s financial capabilities.

ITarian Remote Access is a free remote access tool that allows you to connect to endpoint machines remotely. With the help of an internet connection, your IT help desks will be able to access their clients devices without needing to step out of the office. It lets them work on all files, apps, and data as if they were sitting in front of the remote computer. Here are the key features of ITarian Remote Access.

  • Secure Remote Access System. This remote access tool encrypts all remote sessions made on the local and remote devices.
  • Session Confirmation. This remote access tool requires all users to undergo a strict verification process.
  • Multi-screen. ITarian Remote Access allows you to connect to remote endpoints that have a multi-monitor setup.
  • Firewall Free. This free remote access tool uses standard technologies and protocols that allow you to connect to remote computers without any additional configuration.
  • Auto-Update. ITarian Remote Access updates you with its latest security features and updates.


If your IT help desk still isn’t equipped with a remote access tool, then you should start evaluating the benefits it can provide to your business. After all, investing in a remote access tool can be a great business ally that is worth making room for in your arsenal.

Interested in ITarian Remote Access Then click here to get it for free.

Itarian Remote Access

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Remote Access: A Modern Weak Spot for Cybercriminals

Many of today’s security breaches are caused by exploited credentials belonging to outsourced platforms, remote workers, and third-party services. Although mobile work and functions have become essential factors in today’s commercial landscape, organizations still need to come up with security measures to ensure the safety of their systems as they utilize remote access technology.

In 2011, remote access was found to be responsible for 88% of all data breaches and 95% of malware attacks. These overwhelming numbers from the 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report released by Verizon RISK team just go to show that remote access has now become a modern weak spot for criminal attacks online.

Although it’s clear to many that remote access can provide certain security risks to businesses, it’s easy to ignore its vulnerabilities when its benefits are fascinating. Remote access, for many years, has become an invaluable tool dedicated to providing agility to business processes and functions. This technology allows business people to address business requests and demands in the most unforeseen circumstances.

However, as much as it can be beneficial, remote access can also bring some level of security concerns to your business. In 2013, giant retailer Target experienced a massive security breach where 70 million credit and debit card details have been stolen from their systems. Hackers were able to obtain this information through the login credentials of its third-party vendor HVAC.

Although it’s easier for your in-house IT team to manage remote access security within the premise of your company, it’s a lot more difficult to do so on your employees end. Those who use their personal devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones to connect to your network may not have the same protection as your corporate devices have. These endpoint machines may have their fair share of security concerns in the past. Worse is they may also affect your network’s security and cause a massive security incident.

How to Mitigate the Risks of Remote Access?

Fortunately, there are still several security measures that you can implement in order to mitigate the risks of remote access. By following these security tips, you’ll be able to minimize the risk associated with using remote access. Here are them:

Establish Strong Passwords – The first thing you can do to ensure the security of your system when using remote access is through establishing strong login credentials. Hackers can have a difficult time breaking into your system when your protection is strong and hard to access. Make sure to use unique codes in order to give attackers a hard time accessing your system. You can also use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters as your password.

Limit Access – Considering access misuse can cause a massive security breach, it is essential to limit user access. This means that there is only a specific time where your employees can use remote access. On top of that, make sure that only those who need to connect to your network remotely are granted the privilege of using remote access. Admin access should also be disabled temporarily when not in use. By granting less access privilege, you are also lowering the risks of falling victim to unwanted attacks and entries.

Secure Endpoint Devices – Make sure that all of your employees endpoint devices are safe to connect to your network. You can do this by simply requiring them to download and install anti-malware software that can combat security issues and concerns. As much as possible, require them to also update their devices regularly. With this, you’ll be able to lessen the amount of malware that can enter your system and network.

Use Two-Factor Authentication – To really strengthen your password even more, then use two-factor authentication. When one password is combined with another identifier, they can provide another layer of security for your system. These identifiers can include tokens, confirmation codes, biometric credentials such as fingerprints or face recognition, and many more. By establishing one, hackers may find it even harder to break into your system and cause a massive security incident.

Invest in a Safe Remote Access Solution – Choose a remote access solution that uses solid encryption technologies. By doing so, you’ll be able to protect the confidentiality of private sessions between the local and remote servers. You also want to invest in a remote access solution that has a clean history when it comes to security breaches and incidents.


By implementing these security measures, you’ll be able to minimize the security risks that come with the utilization of remote access. Combating the security concerns of remote access can help your business maintain an agile approach in terms of addressing business demands and requests.

Itarian Remote Access

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ITarian Remote Access: Remote Access Solution for Small Businesses

Remote access is one of the pioneering advancements that revolutionized both the IT industry and modern enterprises. It has become a tool that helps big multinational companies collaborate with teams and communicate with colleagues across the globe.

However, it’s quite a stretch to say that small business can’t benefit from remote access. In this guide, we’ll show you the benefits remote access provides to small businesses as we introduce you to ITarian Remote Access.

ITarian Remote Access

ITarian Remote Access is a third-party software that provides an easy cloud-hosted remote access technology to users who need to establish remote connections. This software also maintains a keen focus on being affordable and free, without compromising the security of your own corporate network and devices.

ITarian Remote Access uses solid encryption methods that prevent any unwanted recordings of confidential interactions between the local and remote users. This ensures that all information is kept and concealed, mitigating the risk of losing it to a potential security breach or theft.

ITarian Remote Access also requires the local computer to provide the right login credentials before it can connect to a specific remote device. This makes sure that all remote connections made between the local and remote computers are authenticated and authorized.

This software is also very easy to use, deploy, and configure. It has its tools packed in a neatly organized console to ensure that you won’t get lost in a heap of scattered tools and panels. It also provides you with a number of customization tools so you can have the best visual experience using ITarian Remote Access.

If the target endpoint has a multi-monitor setup, ITarian Remote Access allows you to access those screens all at the same time. You can also switch monitors from time to time using the drop-down options on the top-right corner of your screen.

Benefits of ITarian Remote Access to Small Businesses

Drives Up Productivity

Business emergencies can pop up at any time without prior warnings or notifications. When this happens, employees who are no longer inside a corporate space can find it difficult to address them immediately and effectively.

ITarian Remote Access allows your workers to meet business requirements even outside of office hours. It enables them to stay productive no matter the situation is. They can access important files and use applications even from the comforts of their home or anywhere they are currently at. This enhances their work productivity and maintains business stability.

Reduces Overhead Costs

Allowing your employees to work from home using ITarian Remote Access is relatively cheaper than requiring them to work in your office on a daily basis. With this, you can cut costs on office-related expenses such as chairs, tables, infrastructures, equipment, and other office necessities.

You also don’t need to pay regularly for the maintenance of your office equipment such as computers, laptops, and the like. On the other hand, your employees can save too on travel-related expenses.


ITarian Remote Access is a great remote access option for small businesses that are looking to maximize their own efficiencies and full potentials. It may be new and small compared to its big counterparts, but it’s definitely a secure and affordable option your humble organization needs to consider getting.

If you’re interested in acquiring ITarian Remote Access, then give us a call at +1 877-422-3865 or click here!

Free Remote Access

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Best Remote Access Software 2021

Technology helps different businesses in a lot of ways. You can store you company’s files using a cloud-based service or set up your own file server. You can also access these files from another location such as your home. A remote control software aka remote access software will meet your business needs.

But how do you know which remote control software is the best for your business In this article, you’ll first learn what remote access means. You will then know the best features to look for in remote control software. Finally, you’ll know how to connect to a remote computer.
Remote Control Software: Definition Of Terms

You’ll better understand complex terms by first breaking them into smaller pieces. Remote control software has three words in it. We’ll define each word first, then arrive at a logical definition.

Remote – this word is synonymous with the words far and distant. It tells about a faraway location.

Control – is the ability to manage and limit access to information.

Software – is a computer application or program that fulfills a task or meets a human need.

Remote Control Software is a computer program that offers remote connectivity to people. This application helps us in making file transfers and screen sharing. Remote control software is also very applicable in troubleshooting remote desktop computers. You’ll know about the different features of remote control software in the next section.
Remote Control Software: Features Checklist

What makes a software stand out from the competition are its great features. Choosing the right product will determine the success of your business. Here are the best features to look for in a remote control software:

1. Your application should first be able to provide remote connectivity. Your app is useless if it doesn’t let people from distant places to connect to your network. It should handle remote sessions with ease.

2. Your remote control software should run on different operating systems. It’s a good thing when distant people using Mac OS or Linux can connect to your network.

3. The remote desktop connection that your application provides should be secure. It should offer solid encryption methods.

4. Your remote control software should have unattended access feature. This allows you to connect to the client’s computer when the owner isn’t around. This is very useful when troubleshooting remote computers.

5. Your remote control software should allow file sharing between people from different places. This is one of the primary reasons for using remote control software. Being able to upload work data anytime and anywhere is very convenient.

6. Your remote desktop software should also run on different platforms. It should run on a web browser and mobile device as well. It’s convenient if we can connect to the remote PC at work using our smartphones and the browser in it.

7. Your remote access tools should also offer a built-in chat system. This will let you communicate faster with your clients. A non-techy client needs troubleshooting help. Having a built-in chat system will result in a good customer experience.

8. Your remote control software should support a multi-screen setup. Some of your clients use several monitors for their computing needs.

9. Your remote control software should have an auto-update feature. Updates are very important because it contains bug fixes, driver upgrades, among others. Updating itself is a good feature and adds a layer of security as well.

10. Video session recording is another good feature. This is very useful if you want to record a meeting with your boss or client. You can also record your troubleshooting session with the tech support guy.
Remote Control Software: How To Access A Remote Computer

You might be wondering by now how you can connect to a remote PC. There are two ways you can connect to a remote computer. You can connect using Window’s Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Control Software: Conclusion

Providing remote connectivity to your employees has a lot of advantages. A remote control software has a lot of great features that can help improve your company’s day-to-day operations. With that said, you must consider incorporating this technology to your company’s

IT environment.

Instant Remote Access

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