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We all know this scenario: you are enjoying the rest of your weekend when suddenly, your phone rings. A loved one of yours who lives in a different city asks you to fix an issue he is experiencing with his computer. Your first instinct is to leave whatever activity you are doing and drive to your loved one’s location. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s worth checking if the issue can be resolved remotely.

Remote access has your back when times like this strike. With remote access, you can access another computing device from anywhere at any time. In today’s post, we’ll show you an effective remote access solution as we introduce you to ITarian Remote Access.

What is Remote Access?

Remote access is a technology that gives users the ability to access another computer from a distant spot. Simply put, it enables them to connect a local device to another computer from a physically separate location. Once connected, the users can now access the remote computer as if they were sitting right in front of it. This will then allow them to perform several computing tasks as required. They can open files, use apps, manage updates, and even install the software.

Remote access has become not only a vital tool in business but a part of one’s everyday life. With remote access, it will be easier for someone to connect to his computer, even if he isn’t in front of it physically. Multiple device users can also use remote access to connect one of their devices to the other to pass information and data. This technology can also be helpful when you need to provide off-site support to a remote computing device.

What are the Benefits of Remote Access?

Remote Support – Since remote access allows you to connect to a computing device remotely, it will be possible for you to provide off-site support from anywhere at any time. This means that you don’t need to be where the computer is in order to perform certain computing tasks on it. With remote access, you can just simply resolve issues without leaving your home of your physical office desk. In return, it allows you to save big on time, money and effort, making your work a lot more effective and efficient.

Productivity – If you still have work left to do outside of working hours, remote access can be your best ally. With remote access, it will be possible for you to access important office files even outside of a central work location. This will allow you to address any business requests even outside of your office. On the other hand, remote access can still help you accomplish your daily work routines even if you can’t be at your office physically. It allows you to stay productive at work no matter the situation is.

 Easy and Effective Remote Access Solution

If you are looking for an affordable remote access solution that works, then you might be looking at ITarian Remote Access. This free remote access software allows you to connect to remote endpoints from anywhere at any time. With a stable internet connection, you can have 24/7 access to your computer even from a remote location. One of the primary goals of ITarian Remote Access is to provide you with an easy and effective remote access solution. With the help of this software, you can securely connect to your remote endpoints with such ease and convenience.

ITarian Remote Access, although relatively new, has a few features that can provide you with a convenient and safe remote access experience. Here are them:

  • Session Confirmation – ITarian Remote access requires all users to provide the necessary login credentials first before they can connect to your remote endpoint. This is to ensure that all access made on your network is well authorized and authenticated.
  • Secure Remote Access – ITarian Remote Access protects the confidentiality of your network through solid encryption technologies. With these, any third-party recordings of confidential and private remote sessions can be prevented and blocked.
  • Multi-Screen – ITarian Remote Access supports remote endpoints that have a multi-monitor setup. You can also alter the size and resolution of each screen for the best visual experience.
  • Firewall Free – With ITarian Remote Access, you no longer need to add extra hardware configurations or configure your firewall settings before you can connect to your remote endpoint. Since it uses standard technologies that work well with corporate Network Address Translation systems (NATs), you can establish a remote connection right away.
  • Auto Update – This free remote access software provides you with its latest security features through its auto-update technology.


Investing in an effective remote access solution is necessary and a must. Especially now that hackers are more advanced than ever, you need a tool that is going to provide you with a safe spot online. Tools like ITarian Remote Access can help you have an easy and effective remote access experience away from outsider threats and attacks.


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